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Torah in the Merit of Gilad ben Aviva's Safe Release: PARSHAS CHUKAS - CAPTIVES AND WARS



Above: Map of Arad and Gaza. Arad is the location of the ancient terrorists who took a captive from the Israelite Camp after Aharon's death. Gaza is where Gilad Shalit (Gilad ben Aviva) has been taken captive.


Above: "And [Yisrael] destroyed them and their cities." Destruction of bridge in Gaza by IAF. This should only be the beginning of the destruction of evil.


Above: Hishtadlus (Physical effort) - One of our forefather, Ya'akov's our means to defend himself against Esav; Another means - Tefillah.

For added insight into the current situation regarding the captives taken by the "Palestinians", we look to Parshas Chukas - this week's Torah Reading in Eretz Yisrael.

(פסוק א) וישמע הכנעני מלך ערד, ישב הנגב, כי בא ישראל, דרך האתרים; וילחם בישראל, וישב ממנו שבי.
(פסוק ב) וידר ישראל נדר לי-ה-ו-ה, ויאמר: אם נתן תתן את העם הזה בידי, והחרמתי את עריהם.
(פסוק ג) וישמע י-ה-ו-ה בקול ישראל, ויתן את הכנעני, ויחרם אתהם, ואת עריהם; ויקרא שם המקום, חרמה. [פ

"And the Canaanite king of Arad, a dweller of the Negev, heard that Yisrael had come, by the way of the spies; And he fought Yisrael, and he took from him a captive. And Yisrael swore to HaShem, and said: 'If you surely will give this nation into my hand, and I shall destroy its cities. And HaShem Heard the voice of Yisrael, and He Gave the Canaanite [in their hands], and they (Yisrael) destroyed them and their cities; and they called the name of the place 'Chormah'." (Bamidbar: 21; 1-3)

It seems as if times are repeating themselves. Our enemy saw that we had a weak spot - the death of Aharon
- they then kidnapped someone from the Israelite camp. Though masquerading as Canaanites, the enemy was actually from the nation of Amalek - the arch-enemy of HaShem and the Jewish People. (Actions often indicate whether one is a member of that cursed-nation. One who attacks someone who is innocent and unable to defend themselves may very well be a member of Amalek. That "Canaanite" nation which was really 'Amalek' decided to take a captive.) Today, the people who call themselves "Palestinians" and took Gilad captive may also be part of Amalek.

RaSH"I: "And the Canaanite heard: 'He heard that Aharon had died and the Clouds of Glory had left [and they thought they had been given permission to fight against Yisrael] (Rosh HaShanah, 3a), and Amalek is always a 'strap of rebellion' toward the Jews, prepared at all times for suffering .'" (Tanchuma, 18)

"Dwellers of the Negev": 'This is Amalek, as it says (Bamidbar: 13; 29) "Amalek dwells in the land of the Negev", and he (Amalek) changed his language to speak the language of Canaan, in order that the Israelites would [mistakenly] pray to the Holy One Blessed is He to have the Canaanites (rather than the Amalekites) delivered into their hands, [as] they are not Canaanites. The Jews saw that their clothing resembled the clothing of Amalek [while] their language was that of Canaan. The Jews [then] said, 'let us pray in general', as it says, "If You Shall surely give this nation into my hand..." (Yalkut Shimoni)

The RaMBa"N notes that our Sages explain, either a small number of people were taken captive from the Jewish camp, or a non-Jewish maidservant was taken captive. The people prayed to HaShem to save the captive(s) and the captive(s) were rescued. Furthermore, after rescuing the captives, the Israelite nation was completely intact, not lacking any person. The Canaanite king did not have a chance to kill the captive. RaMBa"N explains that the enemies of the Jews are only able to be victorious over the Jews as a result of a sin committed by the Jewish People. As no national sin preceded the taking of captives by Amalek, why is it that Amalek had the ability to attack and take captive(s) from the Israelite camp?

Furthermore, HaShem set up the whole situation so that the nation that took the captive from the Jews would be destroyed and their cities consecrated to HaShem. Why? One reason is because that nation (Amalek) did not fe
ar HaShem.


1) The nation of Israel sins by complaining about the lack of water and not having sufficient emuna (belief) in HaShem.

2) HaShem Commands both Moshe and Aharon (Bamidbar: 20; 7-11) to speak to the rock in order to get the waters to flow out of the rock for the Jewish People. After not finding the right rock immediately and under pressure from the nation for water, Moshe and Aharon do not talk to the rock, rather Moshe strikes it. An opportunity to sanctify HaShem's Name is lost and the Command of HaShem is not followed properly. (This sin led to HaShem's Judgment that Aharon and Moshe would die in the desert, not crossing into the Land of Israel).

3) Aharon died, the Clouds of Glory, which HaShem sent to protect the Jews, depart.

4) The King of Arad sees the loss of the Clouds of Glory as a sign that the Jews could be attacked and takes a captive maidservant (or a few captives).

5) The Israelites pray to HaShem to deliver "this nation" into our hands.

6) The "Canaanite" (Amalekite) nation, under the king of Arad, is delivered into the hands of the Israelites - completely wiped out, their cities consecrated to HaShem.

7) The captive(s) were rescued, with no Israelite death.


1) It is too hard to point to any overiding sin. However, the desire by many to give away Eretz Yisrael (which is forbidden according to Halacha), constitutes a sin which very well could have led to the current situation relating to Gaza. Click on the link above to see a news story about a letter sent to President Bush and signed by 1,200 Orthodox rabbis which states that Jewish law opposes transfer of Jewish land in the Land of Israel to others. (see below - The Torah on Diplomacy)

Relationship to the past: The sin of giving away the Land of Israel by making pacts with other nations could have led to great losses for the Jewish People, including the loss of three Torah leaders within one week of each other.
RaSh"I and Ohr HaChaim note that the death of Aharon is related to the Jewish negotiation with the Edomites. In fact, Ohr HaChaim notes that Aharon may have lived a little while longer had the Israelites not approached Edom to negotiate. If negotiation with other nations (even to pass through their land - such as with Edom) led to the loss of Aharon, the Kohen Gadol, how much more can treaties with nations to give away the Land of Israel lead to the untimely deaths of Torah leaders, Heaven Forbid.

3) The Kidnapping of Gilad ben Aviva, the prayers, and the invasion may mirror the kidnapping, prayers, and Israelite invasion of the king of Arad.

4) May we be meritorious to see Gilad ben Aviva's safe return and the safe return of all of our troops, just as the captives were rescued in the time of Moshe!


The world and many of its leaders would have one believe that diplomacy is the key to success in (at least) virtually all conflicts - at least when it comes to Israel. The G8 and Rice "urge restraint" on Israel's part, in order to let "diplomacy" proceed and secure the release of the Israeli soldier.

Well, is diplomacy the best path to peace according to the Torah? Is "less military action" the path to peace?

Immediately prior to Aharon's death, the Jewish People approached the people of Edom to make a deal with Edom, allowing the to take a short-cut through the Land of Edom to get to Eretz Yisrael. According to RaSh"I and Ohr HaChaim, Aharon died earlier as a result of the attempt by the Jews to approach Edom for peace. (Bamidbar: 20; 23)

RaSh"I: "Because they (the Jewish People) joined together over here to come close to the wicked Eisav, their actions became breached (i.e. they declined spiritually) and they lost this righteous one (Aharon). Similarly, the prophet (Eliezer ben Dodavah) said [to King Yehoshafhat of Judah]: 'When you joined with Achaziyahu, HaShem has caused a breach in your undertakings'. (Divrei HaYomim II: 20; 37) This passage discusses the military alliance between the righteous King of Judah and the wicked King of Israel - the result was a loss to the King of Judah "a breach in" his undertakings.
RaSh"I holds that "diplomacy" should be avoided between the Jewish People and outside nations (as well as any other power that can have a negative effect on the Jewish People).

Ohr HaChaim: The verse notes that Aharon died on the border of the Land of Edom, to teach that the diplomatic relations between Israel and Edom led to the death of Aharon. Ohr HaChaim says that Aharon may have lived more days had the Jewish People not approached Edom.

The RaMBa"M writes that the Torah prohibition of "not making a treaty" and "not allowing [other nations] to dwell in [the Land of Israel]" (Shmos: 23; 31-33) apply to foreign nations that worship idolatry. Many of those (who are not Jewish) that dwell in Israel now, according to the RaMBa"M, belong to a religion that is monotheistic but resemble idolatry in a few significant ways. (Hilchos Avodah Zara: 10; 1 and "Mikitzei Nirdamim" - 269) It is forbidden to allow one who is not a member of Bnei Yisrael to live in Eretz Yisrael unless they agree to follow the Seven Noahide Laws - one of which is the prohibition against murder. Israel's current enemies are strongly against that prohibition and therefore have no place in the land. (Hilchos Melachim: 6; 1) The Torah (Shmos: 23; 33) instructs us not to make "peace" with these people as associating with them would lead us to sin.

The RaMBa"M discusses the prohibition of selling land and giving dwelling places in the Land of Israel. (Avodas Cochavim: 10; 1)

From what we have learned, the Torah does not advocate "diplomacy" as the means for success, rather, diplomacy is generally to be avoided, especially when it comes to giving away part of the Land of Israel. During certain situations the Torah recommends military action and, of course, prayer to HaShem.


In the haftorah for Parshas Chukas (Shoftim, 11), we read of a military offensive, under the leadership of Yiftach the Giladi. The nation of Ammon claimed that the Jews got Israel illegitimately (sound's like today) and they arrayed for war against the Jews. Yiftach was appointed as the head of the army and Jewish leader to take on Ammon. Immediately, Yiftach sent messengers to Ammon to explain why the Jews legitimately had Eretz Yisrael. Ammon did not listen to the explanation and did not back off from their war plans. Whereupon, Yiftach led a decisive victory against the people of Ammon.

In the beginning of the haftorah, we read ויפתח הגלעדי - "and Yiftach the Giladi". I view these words as a prayer, the word "Yiftach" can be translated as "He will open (or release)" the next word "Giladi" includes the name Gilad - the soldier taken captive - surrounded by ה and י, which spell the Holy Name of HaShem. May HaShem Free Gilad! Amen! Furthermore, the gematria (numerical value) of גלעד + אביבה (Gilad + Aviva) = 127, the value of "פה יזכּה" - "mouth will merit" - May our mouths merit to play a vital role in helping free Gilad ben Aviva, safe and in the very near future! Amen!

To conclude, we read in the haftorah of Parshas Eikev:

פסוק כד) היקח מגבור, מלקוח; ואם שבי צדיק, ימלט. [ס]
(פסוק כה) כי כה אמר י-ה-ו-ה, גם שבי גבור יקח, ומלקוח עריץ, ימלט; ואת יריבך אנכי אריב, ואת בניך אנכי אושיע.
(פסוק כו) והאכלתי את מוניך את בשרם, וכעסיס דמם ישכרון; וידעו כל בשר, כי אני י-ה-ו-ה מושיעך, וגאלך, אביר יעקב.

"Yet thus said HaShem: Even the captive of a warrior can be retrieved, and the booty of fierce men can escape; I Myself will take up your cause, and I Myself will save your children. And I will feed your tormentors their own flesh, and they will become drunk on their own blood as on sweet wine; then all flesh will know that I am HaShem, your Savior and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob." (Yishayahu 49 - Artscroll translation)


Above: "Ha'Kol kol Ya'akov v'ha'yadayim yidei esav" - "The voice is the voice of Jacob and the hands are the hands of Esav" - The tanks (foreground) are the "hands of Esav" - the weaponry needed on the physical end - the man praying (background) - "the voice of Jacob" - the special "weapons" uniquely powerful to the Jews is prayer. Though the man praying may seem to be in the "background", he is really in the foreground - "HaShem Yilachem Lachem v'atem tacharishun" - Prayer helps that HaShem, The Undefeatable, fights on our side.

PLEASE PRAY FOR GILAD BEN AVIVA, SAY PEREK SHIRAH IN THE MERIT OF HIS SAFE, SPEEDY RELEASE. FOR FURTHER SUGGESTIONS AS TO WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP HIM, CLICK HERE. (Note: As "Perek Shirah" has G-d's Holy Name, if you print it out, never dispose of it, rather, if you feel it necessary, place it in a geniza - place for holy items, see "click here".)

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Update: Eliyahu Pinchas ben Miriam - Murdered after Captured by Palestinians

Update: Latest Reports -- Eliyahu Asheri was murdered by the terrorists. Please discount below in parenthesis.

Eliyahu Pinchas Asheri was kidnapped when he was on his way to join his friends on a trip to the Golan Heights and was reportedly last seen by a friend at the French-Hill Junction.

{Important: Please add Eliyahu Pinchas ben Miriam to your list. Follow one or more of the suggestions I listed in the previous post to help, im yirtzeh HaShem, ensure the safe return of Eliyahu Pinchas ben Miriam.

From Rabbi Brody's website: "The Popular Resistance Committees an hour ago where they flaunted the national identification card of 18 year-old Eliyahu Asheri from Itamar; the beasts are now threatening to slaughter him in front of TV cameras. Please add Eliyahu Pinchas ben Miriam to your urgent list of prayers. May Hashem protect him, amen!"}

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Help Gilad Shalit, Shlit"a - Torah in Merit of his Safe Release

Above: Gilad Shalit - Gilad ben Aviva (Israeli soldier currently held by the arab terrorists, yimach shimam)

In situations such as these (may the Jewish People be spared of such things in the future), many people may ask themselves what can be done to help bring about the safe return of our brother, Gilad ben Aviva. As members of the Jewish People, each of us has an obligation to do what we can to help Gilad, Shlit"a.

What can be done?

Firstly, each of us should put aside time each day to say tehillim (psalms) for Gilad ben Aviva, asking HaShem to release him from his captors to safety. The tehillim below are what I would recommend to say for Gilad ben Aviva:

Repentance on our part would help Gilad. The following tehillim are for help with repentance: 51 and 90
For help in troublesome times: 20,38,85,86,102,130,142

2. Set aside time to learn Torah in the merit of Gilad's safe release. Please set aside at least 5 to 15 minutes per day, the more the better. Torah learning is a powerful way to help Gilad. The Zohar HaKadosh teaches that HaShem Looked into the Torah and Created the Universe. The universe exists due to the power of Torah and Torah learning. Surely learning some Torah for Gilad ben Aviva will be a powerful tool to guarantee his safe return home.

3. Determine one mitzah that you can improve upon. Do so in the merit (or partially in the merit) of the release of Gilad.

4. Say Perek Shirah. Perek Shirah, according to the MaBI"T, has a greater power than reciting the entire Book of Psalms and helps saves people from trouble. (Remember, if you print out the Perek Shirah, do not dispose of it, either keep it, give it to someone else, or throw it in a geniza.)

5. Encourage others to adopt a Torah lifestyle and stand up for the Torah in the face of those who wish to trample on what it stands for. Whether it be encouraging people to keep Shabbos or showing your opposition to events that go contrary to the Torah such as the "Impurade 2006".

Tomorrow I plan on adding some Torah thoughts relating to the situation of Gilad ben Aviva, shlit"a. Hopefully he will already have been released to safety before then, if not, the power of learning and spreading that Torah, im yirtzeh HaShem, should help.

Keep up the good work and may we all merit to see Gilad ben Aviva returned home happy and healthy, speedily and in our days, Amen!

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Protect The Holiness of TU B'AV (15th of Av): Help Stop "World Perverseness" 2006

Important Note: For those who wish to join the effort to stop the "World Pride" event in Jerusalem (scheduled for early August), please see the information at the bottom of the post.

TU B'AV (ט"ו באב) is, in a sense, one of the two greatest Yom Tov's (holidays) of the Jewish People. Below is the daf (page) of the gemara (Talmud) which discusses the significance of the 15th of Av. As the Talmud describes below, one of the reasons Tu B'Av is of such immense significance and holiness is that is the days when the tribe of Binyamin was permitted to, once again, marry into the other tribes. On the 15th of Av, a holiday of sorts was declared in which the young women would dance in the vineyards, wearing white clothes. The young men and women would meet each other and begin holy families of their own.

Unfortunately, in our days, where (as cited in then end of maseches Sandhedrin סנהדרין) there is a great acceptance of perversity, perverseness in being pushed in the (most) wrong place at the (most) wrong time. Jerusalem is the world's capital of holiness and sanctity. HaShem Himself defines kedusha, holiness, as (among other things), sexual morality (Leviticus: 20; 26). In Parshas Kedoshim, Vayikra 20: 10 - 21) is a list of the forbidden sexual activities. In verse 22 HaShem Commands us to follow His Laws, otherwise, be kicked out of the Land of Israel. To allow such an event as "World Pride" in Jerusalem, or in any part of Israel for that matter is not recommended, especially for those who wish to strengthen, or at least maintain, their hold on Eretz Yisrael. Unfortunately, the "World Pride" event may be inviting for many of those in Israel's current government. The Prime Minister of Israel is determined to try to give away parts of Eretz Yisrael. If he want to weaken the Jewish presence in Israel, he may feel that he is strengthening his plan of weakening Israel.

As is self-evident, Tu B'Av is the day where the sexual purity of the Jewish People is celebrated. The "World Perversity" event is scheduled for August 6 - 12, 2006 - 12 - 18 Av 5766. Of course the day smack in the middle of their planned event is the 15th of Av. That's right! The so-called "tolerant" people taking part in "World Pride" plan on having their event in the Jewish capital of holiness - Yerushalayim, on the Jewish holiday celebrating sexual purity and modesty - the 15th of Av. Last year, the canceled-event was scheduled for August 18 - 28, the third day of which was the 15th of Av! Clearly the planners of the event don't view any secular date as of particular importance, rather scheduling the parade to coincide with Tu B'Av, l'havdil. On that day, the organizers plan to show how being sexually perverse and religious, somehow "fit together". Well, HaShem Knows differently!

The gemara below provides us more insight into the holiness of the 15th of Av:

The gemara is on Ta'anis 30b and says as follows:

"Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel said: 'There were not Yomim Tovim (festivals) for the Jews like the 15th of Av and like Yom HaKippurim'. Yom Kippur [makes sense to be included as one of the greatest Yom Tov's of the Jews] as [on that day] there is forgiveness and pardoning, it is the day on which the tribes were permitted to intermarry. What was expounded [to show that intermarriage of the tribes became permitted]? "This is the matter which HaShem Commanded the daughters of Tzelofchad... [only to the family of the tribe of their father, they shall be for wives.]" (Bamidbar: 36, 6) "This matter" is only applicable in this generation (i.e. the generation of Tzelofchad's daughters). Rav Yosef said in the name of Rav Nachman: It was the day that the tribe of Binyamin (Benjamin) was permitted to enter the congregation. [This follows from] that which says, "And the men of Israel swore in Mitzpeh, saying, 'No man among us shall give his daughter over in marriage to [the tribe of] Binyamin.' What is expounded from [this verse]? Rav said: 'From us [we shall not give over our daughters in marriage] and [this oath against marrying into the tribe of Binyamin] does [not apply] to [daughters] from our sons..."

From all of the above, we see the great holiness of intimate relationships as the Torah commands. It is the antithesis of the Way of HaShem, the Torah, and the Jewish People to act in any way that justifies and/or celebrates any act of sexual perversion, such as participants and supporters of "World Pride".

How to Stop "World Pride":

1) Contact the Shas Party - specifically its' head, Eli Yishai:

Eliyahu Yishai, Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor: Fax #: +972-2-666-2909
, +972-2-624-3738, email (cc to, Telephone #: +972-2-622-0385. Eli Yishai can offer Olmert's government an ultimatum: Either permit "World Pride" and we'll pull out of your government, or cancel "World Pride" and we'll stay.

2) Contact the Gerrer Rebbe:

The Gerrer Rebbe: Fax #: +972-2-538-8774. Encourage him to speak out publicly against the event and mobilize thousands of followers to effectively add to the fight against the "World Pride" event. Also, encourage him to speak to Rav Ovadia Yosef about canceling the event. Rav Ovadia Yosef, shlit"a, has the power to order his party, Shas, out of the government. Rav Yosef has the power to force Olmert to decide between government and "World Pride".

3) For more information, go to Rav Lazer Brody's post and scroll down to the bottom half.

With our efforts, b'ezras HaShem, we will strengthen the holiness in Eretz Yisrael and will have increased help from Heaven overcoming all of those who stand in the way of the Torah. Amen!

Wishing everyone a happy Rosh Chodesh Tammuz!

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Help Stop "WorldPride": Important Contact Information

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Defend the Torah and Jerusalem, Help Stop "World Pride 2006"

Firstly, I would like to thank Rabbi Lazer Brody and all of the heroes across the globe who have made their voices heard, protesting the planned defilement of the Holy City of Yerushalayim this August. Rabbi Brody reported on his blog "Lazer Beams" today that an inside source at Mayor Lupolianski's Office said that the 20,000+ form-letters sent in by readers of his website helped convince the mayor to sign a petition against the planned "world pride 2006" (really planned world abomination 2006). Now we see how effective we can be against this planned "event". As people around the world, regardless of your particular religion, you can play a decisive part in leading to the cancellation of the planned "parade" which "hopes" to draw 20,000 attendees, chas v'shalom. Our goal is to have the parade cancelled.

This success should not be downplayed. However, now that "something" has been done by the Mayor of Jerusalem, we should not feel that we can just "sit back" and see what happens. Heaven Forbid, such an attitude could be defeatist. The "pride" (ga'avah) crowd are of course unhappy that Mayor Lupolianski, at the encouragement of over 100,000 individuals, signed a petition against the "World Pride 2006" in the Holy City of Yerushalayim. The fact that the Mayor signed the petition may not be enough to stop the planned defilement of Jerusalem. It does show us that we have the power to effect a change for the positive and stop the parade - A victory of holiness against defilement and another step on the way to the coming of the Mashiach. I think Mayor Lupolianski (pictured at right) will do more; of course, our added encouragement would definitely not hurt.


Some may argue that, though they are against the lifestyle of the participants of the "pride parade," we should just let them have their "day in the sun" and then they will leave Jerusalem. That conclusion is illogical, for it negates the disastrous physical and spiritual implications of the event (especially in the world's holiest city - Yerushalayim).

What disastrous consequences can occur simply by allowing the "pride crowd" to march through Jerusalem?

I wouldn't want to speculate. However, history does not paint a "pretty picture" of the punishment HaShem inflicted as a result of sexual perverseness.

As I noted in the previous post the following are catastrophic world events associated with behavior glorified by those who hope to parade through the Holy City of Yerushalayim.

Major worldwide flood in the time of Noach that wiped out virtually all life on Earth.

Destruction of the cities in the vicinity of Sodom - now the area is known as the Dead Sea.

3) The expulsion of the perverse Canaanite nations from the Land of Israel.

Yet the organizers are intent on pushing their perverse lifestyle in the Holy City of Yerushalayim, in the Land of Israel, "The Land which HaShem your G-d seeks out, constantly the Eyes of HaShem your G-d are in it, from the beginning of the year until year's end." (Devarim: 11, 12)

What precisely led to the flood?

Rabbi Huna said in the name of Rabbi (Yehuda HaNasi): "The generation of the flood was not wiped out from the world until they composed marriage documents for male-male and human-animal relations. Rabbi Samlai said, in every place you find sexual immorality,
Andralomasia (devastation) comes to world world and kills those who are good and bad. Rabbi Azariah and Rabbi Yehuda the son of Rabbi Simone in the name of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi, said, 'Upon everything the Holy One Blessed is He is long in showing His Anger, ["everything" that is] aside from sexual perverseness. What is the reason? [In the end of Parshas Bereishis, we read] "The sons of the leaders saw the daughters of man..." afterwards it is written "And HaShem said, 'I Shall wipe out the people that I Have Created from upon the face of the world..." (Bereishis: 6; 2, 7) [In reference to the imminent destruction of Sodom], Rabbi Yehoshua the son of Levi said in the name of Padiyah, 'That entire night, Lot sought mercy [from Heaven] for the people of Sodom and it was accepted from him. Once [the people of Sodom] said to [Lot] 'bring them out to us so that we may [intimately] know them for sexual relations, they (the angels) said to [Lot]: 'What more do you have here' to use in defense [of the people of Sodom]? From this point onward, you may not act in their defense." (Bereishis Rabbah: 26, 5)

The commentator MaHaRDa"Z tells us of an awfully familiar event that occurred prior to the destruction of almost all life on earth. Under the consent and support of the leaders and judges of their generation, marriage documents were written up for person-animal and male-male "marriages". The MaHaRDa"Z notes that the judges and leaders "rationalized" that since people are given free-will and are capable of making decisions for themselves, people should just give into their desires.

Based on this information, it is not a matter of "political correctness" but of truth, courage, and morality. We must maintain the holiness of Yerushalayim even if there would be no physical negative effects as a result of the parade. We must fight against this planned attack on G-dliness, the Torah, and all of those who uphold morality!

From now on we should employ the following approach to combat the planned parade:


1) E-mail and fax Mayor Lupolianski urging him to following up his signing a petition with concrete action against the implementation of the "World Pride 2006". For a form letter, click here.

2) As Rabbi Brody recommends, contact your local rabbi and encourage him to involve the congregation in events aimed at opposing the "pride parade" (Torah learning, davening, contacting relevant official and news agencies, etc.).

3) Contact your local news agencies - specifically ones that are more opposed to the "pride parade" (conservative news outlets) - and ask them to publicize the planned event and encourage more people to involve themselves in stopping this planned "parade". I would recommend contacting, specifically Aaron Klein (Jerusalem correspondent - Also, call up (and fax) the following radio shows:

a) Israel National Radio To call: US & Canada: 1-800-270-4288, Israel: 1-800-270-428, England: 00-800-3-700-7000, Elsewhere: +972-2-997-2425; To send an instant message: AOL: INR18, Yahoo: inr18, MSN:, ICQ: 191965205

Shaun Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Savage

and any other sympathetic outlet

4) Contact members of the Knesset - specifically those who may be open to our cause (i.e. members of religious and right of center parties) - via fax, e-mail, phone, etc., thereby driving more opposition to the planned "parade".


Friday, June 16, 2006

Jewish Pride for Jerusalem - 5766, Mi La'HaShem Eilai

The Holy City of Jerusalem, the center of the Jewish universe, and the universe itself is the center of holiness in the world, the place where two Jewish Temples stood and where the Third Temple will be built, speedily in our days!

In light of the great holiness of Jerusalem, it is disconcerting though not surprising, that people who take "pride" in what HaShem calls a תועבה - toeivah - abomination plan to flaunt their immorality in the world's capital of Kedushah (holiness). These people are intent on banding together to "celebrate" their sexual immorality publicly, of all places in the Holy City of Yerushalayim, Heaven Forbid. Rav Amnon Yitzchak, Shlit"a (רב אמנון יצחק, שליט"א), offers one solution to stop this problem - a massive rally in Israel, focusing on repentance and modesty.

In the past, monumental historic events have occurred, largely as a result of the lewd sexual perversions of the time. At the time of Noach the world was flooded. One of the main sins that led to the punishment of the flood (mabbul) was sexual perversion - it sure made its historic mark!

(פסוק יא) ותשחת הארץ, לפני הא-להים; ותמלא הארץ, חמס.
(פסוק יב) וירא א-להים את הארץ, והנה נשחתה: כי השחית כל בשר את דרכו, על הארץ. [ס]

"And the Earth was perverted before G-d, and the Earth was filled with robbery. And G-d Saw the Earth and it was perverted, for all flesh perverted its way upon the land" (Bereishis: 6; 11-12)

RaSH"I explains that the Earth became perverted due to the sexual immorality and idolatry. Here we see that sexual immorality, idolatry, and robbery were the major factors leading to the end of almost all life on Earth.


The cities of Sodom and Amorah, they (and the surrounding cities) were wiped out as a result of their sinful conduct, including their perverse sexual immorality.

(פסוק כא) ארדה נא ואראה:הכצעקתה הבאה אלי, עשו כלה; ואם לא, אדעה.
(פסוק ה) ויקראו אל לוט ויאמרו לו, איה האנשים אשר באו אליך הלילה; הוציאם אלינו, ונדעה אתם

"I shall go down and I shall see whether the cry that came before Me, which they caused has stopped, and if not, I Shall Know." (Bereishis: 18; 21)

"And they called to Lot and they said to him: Where are the men that came to you tonight? Bring them out to us, and we will intimately know them." (Bereishis: 19; 5)

RaSH"I explains that HaShem went "down" to see if the "cry" of Sodom (and outlying areas) had stopped. The "cry" refers to the rebellion of the people against G-d. On the second quoted verse, the men of Sodom threaten Lot to release the men (who are angels, unbeknownst to them) into their "custody" so that they can forcefully have sexual relations with the men. Again, sexual depravity and its punishment. The area was destroyed with sulphur and salt (as recorded later in chapter 19). That area today is often referred to as the "Dead Sea" - "Yam HaMelach".


Possibly a more current example of destruction related (at least partially) to a planned (and past) similar displays of lewdness was New Orleans. Their decadent "festival" reportedly brought in over 100,000 participants. Scheduled every year, it was canceled due to Hurricane Katrina leaving a largely destroyed New Orleans, only a few days prior to the scheduled onset of the public lewdness

In fact, in the Torah, the Jewish People are told by HaShem that the nations who resided in Israel prior to the Bnei Yisrael were "spit out" as a result of their sexual perversions.

(פסוק כב) ושמרתם את כל חקתי ואת כל משפטי, ועשיתם אתם; ולא תקיא אתכם הארץ, אשר אני מביא אתכם שמה לשבת בה.
(פסוק כג) ולא תלכו בחקת הגוי, אשר אני משלח מפניכם: כי את כל אלה עשו, ואקץ בם.
(פסוק כד) ואמר לכם, אתם תירשו את אדמתם, ואני אתננה לכם לרשת אתה, ארץ זבת חלב ודבש: אני י-ה-ו-ה א-להיכם, אשר הבדלתי אתכם מן העמים.

"And you shall guard My ordinances and My laws, and you shall perform them; and the Land [of Israel] will not spit you out..." And you shall not go by the ordinances of the nation which I Have Sent out from before you; For all of these have they done, and was disgusted by them. And I Say to you, you shall inherit their land, and I Will Give it to you to inherit it, a land flowing with milk and honey, I am HaShem your G-d, who has made you separate from the nations." (Vayikra: 20; 22-24)

The section immediately preceding the above deals with the sexual relationships forbidden by HaShem. The message: Be sexually moral and you will not be spit out of the Land of Israel.

To publicly bandy around and "glorify" behavior that HaShem calls an abomination is something that no G-D fearing Jew should put up with. It is equally inappropriate to organize "adultery pride" parades, or any event that glorifies behavior that is unacceptable according to Judaism, all the more so in the city of Yerushalayim, where "from Zion Torah comes out, and the word of HaShem from Jerusalem". By organizing such a march in Jerusalem, the participants intend to defile the Jewish religion by showing that they are unstoppable - not even the Jewish State of Israel is willing to intercede to stop the parade - at least that's what the parade "hopefuls" wish will happen, chas v'shalom.

It is interesting to note that the symbol for these people is the rainbow. The rainbow is the sign that HaShem Presented to Noach to let the world know that He would never again bring a flood to destroy the entire world. It seems as if the rainbow may be used (among other reasons) for spite. Now that G-d Promised He Will not destroy the entire world through a flood, His sign being the rainbow, we can flaunt our behavior under the rainbow flag. If He Wishes, has myriads of ways He can bring destruction. Furthermore, the Promise was not to destroy the world with floods - there's no promise against bringing destructive floods. (HaShem's Promise not to Destroy the world with a flood is recorded in Bereishis: 9; 8-17.)

Any group of people that wants to come into Jerusalem, and organizes any event that glorifies an action forbidden by the Torah, whether it be sexual, monetary, or religious, acts in a reprehensible manner.

Intended Tourist Attraction for the "Pride" Charade? Heaven Forbid!

It is time for the Jewish People to stand up for and defend our holy Torah and Holy City of Yerushalayim and show that we fear HaShem more than we fear any man. It is time for the Jewish People to show that we respect HaShem's Torah and nothing will stop us from defending the Torah. As a Jewish country, every Jew with the ability to stop this event should try to give their maximum in deference to HaShem and the Torah.

A Sefer Torah. The Torah is the Jewish People's Pride. Will we defend that which is written in it? I think so! (Full size image - click here)

It is time to change "Jerusalem World Pride 2006" to "Yerushalayim Jewish Pride 5766". Do not give up hope, do not lose resolve. We must stop this planned desecration of HaShem's Holy City of Yerushalayim and stop the planned desecration of just about everything that Judaism holds important.


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For more information and a form letter against the "parade", click here (Rabbi Brody's website). More from Rabbi Brody here and here.

Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak's solution is a massive rally of teshuva (repentance) and modesty. To see
a video of Rabbi Yitzchak's shiur on this matter (of modesty), click here to go to his website.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Smoking Cigarette: Be Careful With Halacha

The following is from Pirkei Avos פרקי אבות (translation courtesy of

Chapter 1, Mishna 11:

"Avtalyon said: Sages, be careful with your words lest you deserve to be exiled and are exiled to a place of bad waters. The students who come after you will drink of these waters and die, and G-d's Name will be desecrated."

This teaching advises one who teaches Torah to be exceedingly careful to avoid any ambiguities in their teaching of Torah. One should be exceptionally careful not to mislead those he/she teaches. We see from the above mishna in Pirkei Avot that one who mis-teaches can have disastrous consequences on those he/she teaches that last into future generations, chas v'shalom (Heaven Forbid).

Mis-teaching a halacha, at times, can lead to physical harm, in addition to spiritual harm, chas v'shalom.

In particular, in the case of smoking we can see the following misinformation. What is particularly disconcerting about the following is that it currently (June 13, 2006) shows up as number 1 on a Google search for 'smoking Torah' out of 486,000:

On the Google search for '
smoking Torah', the following shows up on the Google page:

"Does the Torah prohibit smoking?
smoking is unhealthy and inadvisable but not forbidden."

Does the Torah prohibit smoking?
R' Moshe Feinstein contends (Igrot Moshe, Choshen Mishpat vol.2, Responsa 76) that smoking can be compared to many other unhealthy practices (such as a high cholesterol diet) that are inadvisable, but not strictly forbidden.

To their credit, the website posted my response below their answer:

Smoking in Halacha
Posted by: Anonymous on Apr 09, 2006

There are some who believe that they have a halachic (Jewish legal) right to smoke based on a 5741 ruling by Rabbi Feinstein. Those who use Rabbi Feinstein's 1981 legal ruling to justify smoking are taking Rabbi Feinstein's ruling out of context, failing to explain the reasons behind the ruling that allows (though discourages) smoking. Rabbi Moshe Feinstein's son-in-law, Rabbi Moshe Tendler said that in light of scientific evidence known today, smoking constitutes a great threat to the health of virtually all smokers. In addition, in light of the recent campaigns against smoking, the percentage of smokers continues to dwindle. Therefore, the two reasons Rabbi Feinstein provided for his ruling, 1) a small minority of smokers become sick from smoking, and 2) smoking is very common both no longer apply today. To compare smoking to unhealthy eating somewhat negates the great adverse effects of smoking. One must be careful how they answer halachic questions so as not to lead many to sin.

It is incumbent upon everyone to investigate the Jewish law based on the information present and to come to an educated conclusion based on the Torah they have seen. Often, it is recommended for one to consult a rabbi when he/she has a halachic question.