Wednesday, December 31, 2008

When Under Attack Israel Uses it's Army and it's Voices

The Jewish People have a special blessing - a power, not only in conducting war, with The Help of HaShem, but of overcoming our enemies through the power of our speech. Some people might wonder how words can have a great effect on something such as a war, whether positive or negative. The fact is that not only have wars begun due to words uttered, but wars have concluded due to words. There is a special power of speech, in our prayers, our Torah study, and our words in general. At such a time that The Jewish People finds ourselves under attack, even if we are not soldiers, we can assist very greatly in the war effort against our enemies by employing the power of speech - "The voice is the voice of Ya'akov..." (B'reishis: 27; 22) (see the "Torah T'mimah" on this pasuk) We have a special power in our speech. Not only is prayer and Torah study so powerful for the good and for the defeat of the enemies of The Jewish People, but avoiding forbidden speech is also very powerful. If a person has a desire or is about to say something which is fobidden, such as libel or slander (with certain exceptions, as noted in "Chofetz Chaim" - truly understand these exceptions before saying something to determine whether it is forbidden and should be avoided). Once we are careful with our speech, to avoid deterimental speech, that can serve as a great protection against those who wish to bring harm up The Jewish People. Furthermore, studying Torah, prayer, and maintaining peace amongst The B'nei Yisrael also serves to this end. For a true Chanukah miracle, in addition to the physical military action, let's take the above actions with the power of our speech and, G-d Willing see miracles in the present day and the defeat of the enemies of The Jewish People. Amein!