Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Torah's Take on Financing Our Enemies

The United States House of Representatives made the obvious decision to cut aid to Saudi Arabia and has as well voted to cancel the $220 million in military aid to Egypt, in a 241 - 178 vote. However, in other news, the Olmert government in Israel - setting new records of low popularity, with only 3% support - agrees to finance the Fatah terrorist organization - one of Israel's (and all Jews') sworn enemies. Financing Fatah, by Israel releasing $562 million to the bloodthirsty terrorist organization, is supposedly meant to prop them up against Hamas - another terrorist organization that wants to kill as many Jews as possible. The vote passed overwhelmingly in Olmert's cabinet, with 20 votes in favor and 2 votes against. No surprise the Olmert government is so unpopular.


According to U.S. News and World Report, the money transferred to Fatah terrorists stands a reasonable chance of falling into Hamas hands. Nevertheless, the Israeli government, with the support of the American administration, are planning on transferring money to terrorists at the same time when the U.S. House of Representatives showed their clear opposition to providing support to terrorists.


Anyone not blinded to truth and reality, would clearly see that funding those who openly speak - in Arabic - of throwing Jews into the ocean, as well as of committing terrible acts of terror against Jews, chas v'shalom, should be fought against, both spiritually and militarily, in order to protect Israel's citizens from those who would like to use that same money to murder Jews, Heaven Forbid. If the current Israeli government would care about the interest of its citizens over their own personal "gain", then they would make sure that no terrorist is permitted to live within the borders of Israel and would take every possible action to stop the funding of those terrorists by foreign nations (the borders of Israel include the so-called "West-Bank", as well as Gaza). To take the action of financially supporting and bolstering those whose goal is to wipe out any Jewish presence in The Land of Israel, clearly demonstrates something beyond stupidity. Such an action would more properly be termed as "suicidal" and "evil". With an approval rating lower than many of the world's dictators - and still maintaining power - it is all the more clear that there is some Divine reason for the current existence of this government. The head of the government even admits that Fatah and Hamas might form a unity government and that $562 million would then likely fall into Hamas' hand - How much more obvious can things get?

Of course, there is a Divine reason for anyone maintaining power, whether they be a good leader or a dangerous leader. In this case, we, as individuals, should fight for the safety and security of all Jews both in Israel and outside Israel. Perhaps if we were to improve our character traits, performance of the mitzvos, and emunah (belief) and bitachon (trust) in HaShem, then the current dangerous government would no longer have a reason to continue in its position of "leadership".


The Torah teaches us to
not stand idly by the blood of our fellow (Vayikra: 19; 16) - this would require the government to stop the terrorism militarily in order to protect Jewish life.

We learn that saving a life is so important, that it supersedes the laws of the Shabbat - how much more so must the Israeli government not finance murderers.

The Torah forbids murder (Shmos: 20; 12) - This is a prohibition that applies to Jews and non-Jews. One who murders another intentionally to be liable for the death penalty: How is it then that the current governments has decided to provide over a half-billion dollars to terrorists?

The Torah commands us to "choose life" - "ובחרת בחיים" (Divarim: 30; 19) - also a popular slogan used in politics recently. How can one be choosing life by agreeing to finance terrorism?


Message from thousands of years ago to the current "leaders" of the Israeli government, as well as to all of those past "leaders" involved in attempting to negotiate "peace" with the terrorists:

"Therefore, hear the word of HaShem, people of mockery who rule this nation in Jerusalem. For you have said, 'We have made a treaty with death and [together] with Sh'ole (hell) we have made a vision, when the flooding waters of destruction shall come, it shall not come to us, for we have made falsehood our shelter and we have hidden ourselves in lies.' Therefore, so says HaShem, G-d, 'Behold, I am making a foundation of stone in Tzion, a stone of protection, a valuable cornerstone... and your treaty with death would be annulled and your vision with
sh'ole shall not stand, when the flooding [of destruction] shall pass, it shall come to trample [you]." (Yeshayahu: 16 - 18)

The next verse in sefer "Yeshayahu" comes to note of the destructive results of this attempted treaty with death.

It is clear from Torah sources that such a treaty is not only bound to failure but is also dangerous.

If the current government in Israel wants to improve its standing in the eyes of its citizens, send the $562 million to the many hungry children in Israel instead of those whose desire is to murder those children, Heaven Forbid.

May HaShem send us the Mashiach soon and bring the entire world to the true recognition that safety and security comes from HaShem, not from the current government in Israel.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Pride Parade" - Aftermath

According to a recent article in Israel National News, though the "Pride Parade" took place, as scheduled, the post-parade "party" was cancelled due to a firefighters strike. After three petitions against the "parade" were rejected by the "Supreme Court" in Israel, including petitions by Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupoliansky and Shas MK Eli Yishai, the Court finally cancelled the post-parade party due to a last-minute petition filed against the party due to a firefighters strike. The post-parade party would have almost inevitably been worse than the parade itself as the participants would have likely been more lewd than while marching in the parade. So, many people were opposed to the parade and HaShem orchestrated things to occur in a manner whereby the post-parade "party" was cancelled. We should never give up and never surrender until we win the war against promiscuity completely.

A short distance away from the parade of perversion, which, according to the news, netted 2,000 participants, l'havdil, there was a peaceful prayer rally in another part of Yerushalayim, in spiritual opposition to the anti-Torah "pride parade". This pro-Torah gathering, in opposition to the "pride parade", netted 3,000 people.

It is very interested that 7,000 policemen were sent in to "protect" the participants in the "pride parade" - that would be 3.5 policemen for each participant in the parade. Is that overdoing it? It might seem to be the case, but, perhaps not. For, we see, that
HaShem protects The Jewish People when they don't doing things which would drive His Presence (Shechinah) away from their midst. The people who were at the prayer rally, I believe, did not have any "protection" from the police - protection from HaShem is far superior any day. However, to protect the "pride parade" the police set aside 7,000 policemen for the "protection" of 2,000 "pride" marchers. This simply follows that which we learn in our Holy Torah, as it says, "For HaShem your G-d walks in the midst of your camp to save you and to place your enemies before you and your camp shall be holy and there shall not be seen a thing of nakedness in your midst [lest] He turn from behind you." (Deuteronomy: 23; 15) On the above pasuk from The Torah, the Chofetz Chaim, zt"l, writes that immodesty drives the Divine Presence out of the Jewish camp. With the constant threat of terrorism, chas v'shalom, among many other things, we constantly rely on HaShem's protection, whether or not we are cognizant of that. Therefore, we should continue to fight against lewdness and fight on improvement of our Torah observance, as well as that of the entire Jewish People. Furthermore, we should work on our middos - character traits. By doing the above, we will continue to fight to preserve and increase the presence of HaShem's Shechinah within our midst. May we be successful in improving ourselves and the world around and overcome all darkness with the light of The Torah. Amein!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Opposing the so-called "Pride Parade"

We are living in a time when there is constantly the threat of war hanging over the Jewish People in Israel, not to mention the threat of World War, with Iran building up a nuclear arsenal with the not-so-hidden intention to use such weapons against the Jewish People in Israel, Heaven Forbid. Now, intelligence experts in Israel are warning of a war with Syria, this war may break out as early as this summer, chas v'shalom. Taking into account last year's war with the Hezbollah, it is all the more obvious how much more so we are in need of HaShem's Help to protect us - HaShem's sheep - surrounded by packs of dangerous lions.

Now, in spite of all of this, the enemies of of HaShem and of The Torah, are determined to trample on the holiness of our dear city of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) by parading through Jerusalem in under fourteen (14) hours, Heaven Forbid. These people who are taking part in the parade don't care that their "lifestyle" is considered to be an abomination by HaShem Himself, nor do they care that the vast majority of Jerusalem strongly opposes this march through Jerusalem.

Nevertheless, those individuals who hope to take part in the parade - the self-described paragons of tolerance - hope to display that "tolerance" in spite of all of those "intolerant" people who don't want their children exposed to a "lifestyle" which is truly an abomination. The "powers that be" - including the "Court" seem to not be taking much interest in preventing the "parade". See some of my previous posts related to the "pride parade".

Ignoring all of the danger that the Jewish People currently find themselves in, it seems as if the "powers-that-be" in Israel are forgetting - probably ignoring - the Lebanon War of last year and the unprecedented number of planned terrorist attacks which preceded/coincided with the planned time for the "international pride parade". Especially in times of war, we are warned against giving in to a state of immodesty and promiscuity, as we learn in Targum Yonasan ben Uziel on Devarim (23; 15). See some of my previous posts related to the dangers of promiscuity. It is our obligation, as we have the G-d given ability to protest, to do what we can in opposition to this "parade". We should send letters to elected officials, including to Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupoliansky - see below for his contact information.



FAX: +972-2-6296014, +972-2-6296004

Eliahu Yishai - head of the Shas party: Fax #: +972-2-666-2909, email

Form letter to religious officials:

Dear Mayor Lupoliansky (name of other official),

I join my voice along with the majority of the residents of The Holy City of Jerusalem and many others worldwide, to oppose the "pride parade" scheduled for today. It is our responsibility to uphold the dignity of Yerushalayim, and not let the few override the many who are opposed to such a disgrace of our Holy City.
Additionally, this event and events like it, threaten the security and stability in the city.

G-d has given you the power and influence to oppose this parade.
If the people feel that through you they have a voice within the government, vigilantism will diminish and there will be security and stability. Even if you're not successful in stopping the parade, clear public statements of opposition would still have a tremendous impact socially and spiritually. May HaShem grant you success in these endeavors to save the Jewish People from such parades that detract from the holiness of our Holy City of Jerusalem.

Your Name

Form letter to secular officials:

Jerusalem Police: Fax# +972-2-5391391. If the Jerusalem police can be convinced that the parade is a security risk, they would likely call it off.

Dear ____,

I want to register my serious concern, along with a majority of the residents of Jerusalem and many others worldwide, over the upcoming "pride parade". Such a parade is anathema to the character of the City of Jerusalem and greatly offends the values and the sensibilities of its residents. Additionally, this event and events like it, threaten the security and stability in the city.

Even if you're not successful in stopping the parade, clear public statements of opposition would still have make an important political and social impact. If the people feel that through you they have a voice within the goverment, vigilantism will diminish and there will be security and stability. I urge you to fulfill your obligation to serve the people of Jerusalem and preserve the character of this holy city.

Your Name

We hope that HaShem will cancel the "pride parade", especially now that many Jews have made their voices heard in opposition to such a defilement of the holiness and sanctity of the Jewish People and of The Holy City of Jerusalem. HaShem cancelled the parade for the last two years, G-d Willing it will be cancelled this year as well.

May we have the merit in joining together with everyone else who has made their voices heard in opposition to such a parade. Amein!

Please make your opposition known against this "parade".

May we all merit to see the Holiness of Jerusalem completely restored with the coming of the Mashiach speedily in our days. Amein!


Sefer Chasidim (153): "...And you have saved your nefesh" (Yechezkhel) However it doesn't say you merited - zachisa - or you were correct - tzadakta, rather you have saved your nefesh - hitzalta. From here [we learn] that for everything that a person is punished and he doesn't warn him to say "do not do it", behold, [then with regards to] all of the punishment that [the sinner] receives, it is considered as if this one [who failed to warn the sinner in advance], killed him, for he should have warned him and didn't warn him and the blood of [the sinner] is demanded from [the one who could have warned the sinner]. This is [the meaning of] "...and I shall seek out his blood from your hands". (Yechezkhel: 3; 18)

Sha'arei Teshuvah (Sha'ar 3): And Shlomo said [in Mishlei] (24; 10) "You have made yourself weak on a day of trouble, your power has been limited." The explanation of the above being, "If you possess the power to save with advice or with effort and you make yourself appear as if you don't have the ability - your power will [then] be limited, middah k'neged middah. Subsequently, [Shlomo writes in pasuk 12], "Perhaps you shall say, 'Behold, we did not know of this', Behold The One who establishes hearts, He will understand, and The One Who formed your soul, He will know, and He shall return to the person according to his action." Behold, holding back from rescuing and [from] giving advice toward saving, The Holy One, Blessed is He, will consider it as if this person acted [in the negative].

Menoras Ha'Maor, chapter 3: Therefore, [one who is] a fitting leader, if he is an important person and it is fitting to listen to his words, he is obligated to rebuke the sinners and to object to [their sinning] - v'limchos b'yadam - until they perform teshuvah. And if he doesn't rebuke them and doesn't object, [the sinners] are destroyed in their evil and he is punished concerning them, as it says, "when he says to the evildoer, '[Evildoer], you shall surely die' and you did not speak to him to warn the evildoer [to return] from his path (of evil, in order to allow him to live), he is an evildoer, due to his sin he shall die and I shall seek his blood from your hand. (See Yechezkhel (3; 18) However, if you warned him and he did not return from his sin, he (the evildoer) shall die due to his sin, and you have rescued yourself. [Furthermore], we learn in maseches "Shabbos", "[Concerning] all of those who are able to object [to the wrongful actions of the people of his city and he doesn't object, he is held accountable for the people of his city."