Monday, December 31, 2007

Snipiskes Cemetary Destruction - Contact Info.

As the Jewish cemetery in Lithuania is desecrated for the benefit of money arriving in the hands of some of the "powerful" in Lithuania, it appears to be a better idea to contact your local Senator or congressman. The Lithuanian government, though they praised the Vilna Gaon, it was empty words, for their own aggrandizement. The truth is that one of the best ways to stop the construction, more effective than bad publicity for Lithuania, is reminding U.S. politicians about the ongoing destruction and defilement of Jewish graves in Lithuania, all for the sake of money. There is a well-known statement in the Talmud, which is quoted in the name of Shmuel, that all of those who discredit others, claim that they have a fault or blemish which the person who does the discrediting truly possesses. (Kiddushin, 70b) One of the well-known anti-Semitic statements against Jews is that we would do anything for money. As is typically the case with anti-Semites, they'll conveniently contradict themselves to try to make the Jews look bad: "All Jews are wealthy" or "All Jews are poor", etc. For these people, they will close off reality in favor of their hatred of Jews. In fact, one of the four major sections of Jewish law deals with money. Jewish law is that which requires honesty with money and is quite contrary to the claims of anti-Semites, to say the least.

Getting back to the point, apparently the Lithuanian government is conveniently allowing the building to continue over the Jewish graves for the benefit of money. That's why it's not much use to contact them; they think it's in their interest to continue the work.

Contact U.S. congressmen and Senators and encourage them to act against the desecration of the Jewish Snipiskes cemetery:

To contact U.S. Senators, click on this link.

To contact congressmen, click here.

Dear __________,

As you may have heard, the ancient Jewish Snipiskes cemetery in Lithuania is being desecrated by ongoing construction. Please do your utmost to stop this travesty to the Jewish people and to the world at large.


Do what you can, spend your time either contacting officials, learning Torah, or whatever you can reasonably do to help protect the Jewish cemetery.