Monday, April 30, 2007

Parshas HaMan: Recognition That All Our Sustenance Comes from HaShem

It is important for each individual to recognize, not only in one's heart, but also verbally, that all of our parnasah (livliehood) and sustenance in general, comes from HaShem. One way to make such a verbal recognition is by reciting "Parshas HaMan" - the Torah portion in Parshas B'Shalach that deals with the manna that HaShem provided the Israelites in the Sinai wilderness.


The Talmud Yirushalmi (Jerusalem Talmud) notes that one is guaranteed that their sustenance will not be lacking if they daily recite this "Parshas HaMan" which spans sefer Shmos, chapter 16, verses 4 - 36. Keeping in mind the above, this is a very worthwhile Torah portion to recite daily. However, please keep in mind that the recitation of this portion is meant for the individual to recognize and have emunah (belief) that all of their sustenance comes from HaShem. In addition to the recitation of this Torah portion, I would recommend that a person improves his/her middos (character traits) and performance of mitzvos. Such an improvement in one's Torah observance, coupled with the recitation of Parshas HaMan and emunah that HaShem provides all of one's sustenance would be all the more beneficial (as I see it) to achieving the benefits of Parshas HaMan. According to "Tzon Yosef", one should recite the portion twice in the Torah text and once in the Aramaic text of Onkelos.

G-d Willing, we will all benefit from in improvement in our Torah observance and our financial situations. Amein!