Monday, June 26, 2006

Protect The Holiness of TU B'AV (15th of Av): Help Stop "World Perverseness" 2006

Important Note: For those who wish to join the effort to stop the "World Pride" event in Jerusalem (scheduled for early August), please see the information at the bottom of the post.

TU B'AV (ט"ו באב) is, in a sense, one of the two greatest Yom Tov's (holidays) of the Jewish People. Below is the daf (page) of the gemara (Talmud) which discusses the significance of the 15th of Av. As the Talmud describes below, one of the reasons Tu B'Av is of such immense significance and holiness is that is the days when the tribe of Binyamin was permitted to, once again, marry into the other tribes. On the 15th of Av, a holiday of sorts was declared in which the young women would dance in the vineyards, wearing white clothes. The young men and women would meet each other and begin holy families of their own.

Unfortunately, in our days, where (as cited in then end of maseches Sandhedrin סנהדרין) there is a great acceptance of perversity, perverseness in being pushed in the (most) wrong place at the (most) wrong time. Jerusalem is the world's capital of holiness and sanctity. HaShem Himself defines kedusha, holiness, as (among other things), sexual morality (Leviticus: 20; 26). In Parshas Kedoshim, Vayikra 20: 10 - 21) is a list of the forbidden sexual activities. In verse 22 HaShem Commands us to follow His Laws, otherwise, be kicked out of the Land of Israel. To allow such an event as "World Pride" in Jerusalem, or in any part of Israel for that matter is not recommended, especially for those who wish to strengthen, or at least maintain, their hold on Eretz Yisrael. Unfortunately, the "World Pride" event may be inviting for many of those in Israel's current government. The Prime Minister of Israel is determined to try to give away parts of Eretz Yisrael. If he want to weaken the Jewish presence in Israel, he may feel that he is strengthening his plan of weakening Israel.

As is self-evident, Tu B'Av is the day where the sexual purity of the Jewish People is celebrated. The "World Perversity" event is scheduled for August 6 - 12, 2006 - 12 - 18 Av 5766. Of course the day smack in the middle of their planned event is the 15th of Av. That's right! The so-called "tolerant" people taking part in "World Pride" plan on having their event in the Jewish capital of holiness - Yerushalayim, on the Jewish holiday celebrating sexual purity and modesty - the 15th of Av. Last year, the canceled-event was scheduled for August 18 - 28, the third day of which was the 15th of Av! Clearly the planners of the event don't view any secular date as of particular importance, rather scheduling the parade to coincide with Tu B'Av, l'havdil. On that day, the organizers plan to show how being sexually perverse and religious, somehow "fit together". Well, HaShem Knows differently!

The gemara below provides us more insight into the holiness of the 15th of Av:

The gemara is on Ta'anis 30b and says as follows:

"Rabbi Shimon ben Gamliel said: 'There were not Yomim Tovim (festivals) for the Jews like the 15th of Av and like Yom HaKippurim'. Yom Kippur [makes sense to be included as one of the greatest Yom Tov's of the Jews] as [on that day] there is forgiveness and pardoning, it is the day on which the tribes were permitted to intermarry. What was expounded [to show that intermarriage of the tribes became permitted]? "This is the matter which HaShem Commanded the daughters of Tzelofchad... [only to the family of the tribe of their father, they shall be for wives.]" (Bamidbar: 36, 6) "This matter" is only applicable in this generation (i.e. the generation of Tzelofchad's daughters). Rav Yosef said in the name of Rav Nachman: It was the day that the tribe of Binyamin (Benjamin) was permitted to enter the congregation. [This follows from] that which says, "And the men of Israel swore in Mitzpeh, saying, 'No man among us shall give his daughter over in marriage to [the tribe of] Binyamin.' What is expounded from [this verse]? Rav said: 'From us [we shall not give over our daughters in marriage] and [this oath against marrying into the tribe of Binyamin] does [not apply] to [daughters] from our sons..."

From all of the above, we see the great holiness of intimate relationships as the Torah commands. It is the antithesis of the Way of HaShem, the Torah, and the Jewish People to act in any way that justifies and/or celebrates any act of sexual perversion, such as participants and supporters of "World Pride".

How to Stop "World Pride":

1) Contact the Shas Party - specifically its' head, Eli Yishai:

Eliyahu Yishai, Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor: Fax #: +972-2-666-2909
, +972-2-624-3738, email (cc to, Telephone #: +972-2-622-0385. Eli Yishai can offer Olmert's government an ultimatum: Either permit "World Pride" and we'll pull out of your government, or cancel "World Pride" and we'll stay.

2) Contact the Gerrer Rebbe:

The Gerrer Rebbe: Fax #: +972-2-538-8774. Encourage him to speak out publicly against the event and mobilize thousands of followers to effectively add to the fight against the "World Pride" event. Also, encourage him to speak to Rav Ovadia Yosef about canceling the event. Rav Ovadia Yosef, shlit"a, has the power to order his party, Shas, out of the government. Rav Yosef has the power to force Olmert to decide between government and "World Pride".

3) For more information, go to Rav Lazer Brody's post and scroll down to the bottom half.

With our efforts, b'ezras HaShem, we will strengthen the holiness in Eretz Yisrael and will have increased help from Heaven overcoming all of those who stand in the way of the Torah. Amen!

Wishing everyone a happy Rosh Chodesh Tammuz!


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