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Jewish Pride for Jerusalem - 5766, Mi La'HaShem Eilai

The Holy City of Jerusalem, the center of the Jewish universe, and the universe itself is the center of holiness in the world, the place where two Jewish Temples stood and where the Third Temple will be built, speedily in our days!

In light of the great holiness of Jerusalem, it is disconcerting though not surprising, that people who take "pride" in what HaShem calls a תועבה - toeivah - abomination plan to flaunt their immorality in the world's capital of Kedushah (holiness). These people are intent on banding together to "celebrate" their sexual immorality publicly, of all places in the Holy City of Yerushalayim, Heaven Forbid. Rav Amnon Yitzchak, Shlit"a (רב אמנון יצחק, שליט"א), offers one solution to stop this problem - a massive rally in Israel, focusing on repentance and modesty.

In the past, monumental historic events have occurred, largely as a result of the lewd sexual perversions of the time. At the time of Noach the world was flooded. One of the main sins that led to the punishment of the flood (mabbul) was sexual perversion - it sure made its historic mark!

(פסוק יא) ותשחת הארץ, לפני הא-להים; ותמלא הארץ, חמס.
(פסוק יב) וירא א-להים את הארץ, והנה נשחתה: כי השחית כל בשר את דרכו, על הארץ. [ס]

"And the Earth was perverted before G-d, and the Earth was filled with robbery. And G-d Saw the Earth and it was perverted, for all flesh perverted its way upon the land" (Bereishis: 6; 11-12)

RaSH"I explains that the Earth became perverted due to the sexual immorality and idolatry. Here we see that sexual immorality, idolatry, and robbery were the major factors leading to the end of almost all life on Earth.


The cities of Sodom and Amorah, they (and the surrounding cities) were wiped out as a result of their sinful conduct, including their perverse sexual immorality.

(פסוק כא) ארדה נא ואראה:הכצעקתה הבאה אלי, עשו כלה; ואם לא, אדעה.
(פסוק ה) ויקראו אל לוט ויאמרו לו, איה האנשים אשר באו אליך הלילה; הוציאם אלינו, ונדעה אתם

"I shall go down and I shall see whether the cry that came before Me, which they caused has stopped, and if not, I Shall Know." (Bereishis: 18; 21)

"And they called to Lot and they said to him: Where are the men that came to you tonight? Bring them out to us, and we will intimately know them." (Bereishis: 19; 5)

RaSH"I explains that HaShem went "down" to see if the "cry" of Sodom (and outlying areas) had stopped. The "cry" refers to the rebellion of the people against G-d. On the second quoted verse, the men of Sodom threaten Lot to release the men (who are angels, unbeknownst to them) into their "custody" so that they can forcefully have sexual relations with the men. Again, sexual depravity and its punishment. The area was destroyed with sulphur and salt (as recorded later in chapter 19). That area today is often referred to as the "Dead Sea" - "Yam HaMelach".


Possibly a more current example of destruction related (at least partially) to a planned (and past) similar displays of lewdness was New Orleans. Their decadent "festival" reportedly brought in over 100,000 participants. Scheduled every year, it was canceled due to Hurricane Katrina leaving a largely destroyed New Orleans, only a few days prior to the scheduled onset of the public lewdness

In fact, in the Torah, the Jewish People are told by HaShem that the nations who resided in Israel prior to the Bnei Yisrael were "spit out" as a result of their sexual perversions.

(פסוק כב) ושמרתם את כל חקתי ואת כל משפטי, ועשיתם אתם; ולא תקיא אתכם הארץ, אשר אני מביא אתכם שמה לשבת בה.
(פסוק כג) ולא תלכו בחקת הגוי, אשר אני משלח מפניכם: כי את כל אלה עשו, ואקץ בם.
(פסוק כד) ואמר לכם, אתם תירשו את אדמתם, ואני אתננה לכם לרשת אתה, ארץ זבת חלב ודבש: אני י-ה-ו-ה א-להיכם, אשר הבדלתי אתכם מן העמים.

"And you shall guard My ordinances and My laws, and you shall perform them; and the Land [of Israel] will not spit you out..." And you shall not go by the ordinances of the nation which I Have Sent out from before you; For all of these have they done, and was disgusted by them. And I Say to you, you shall inherit their land, and I Will Give it to you to inherit it, a land flowing with milk and honey, I am HaShem your G-d, who has made you separate from the nations." (Vayikra: 20; 22-24)

The section immediately preceding the above deals with the sexual relationships forbidden by HaShem. The message: Be sexually moral and you will not be spit out of the Land of Israel.

To publicly bandy around and "glorify" behavior that HaShem calls an abomination is something that no G-D fearing Jew should put up with. It is equally inappropriate to organize "adultery pride" parades, or any event that glorifies behavior that is unacceptable according to Judaism, all the more so in the city of Yerushalayim, where "from Zion Torah comes out, and the word of HaShem from Jerusalem". By organizing such a march in Jerusalem, the participants intend to defile the Jewish religion by showing that they are unstoppable - not even the Jewish State of Israel is willing to intercede to stop the parade - at least that's what the parade "hopefuls" wish will happen, chas v'shalom.

It is interesting to note that the symbol for these people is the rainbow. The rainbow is the sign that HaShem Presented to Noach to let the world know that He would never again bring a flood to destroy the entire world. It seems as if the rainbow may be used (among other reasons) for spite. Now that G-d Promised He Will not destroy the entire world through a flood, His sign being the rainbow, we can flaunt our behavior under the rainbow flag. If He Wishes, has myriads of ways He can bring destruction. Furthermore, the Promise was not to destroy the world with floods - there's no promise against bringing destructive floods. (HaShem's Promise not to Destroy the world with a flood is recorded in Bereishis: 9; 8-17.)

Any group of people that wants to come into Jerusalem, and organizes any event that glorifies an action forbidden by the Torah, whether it be sexual, monetary, or religious, acts in a reprehensible manner.

Intended Tourist Attraction for the "Pride" Charade? Heaven Forbid!

It is time for the Jewish People to stand up for and defend our holy Torah and Holy City of Yerushalayim and show that we fear HaShem more than we fear any man. It is time for the Jewish People to show that we respect HaShem's Torah and nothing will stop us from defending the Torah. As a Jewish country, every Jew with the ability to stop this event should try to give their maximum in deference to HaShem and the Torah.

A Sefer Torah. The Torah is the Jewish People's Pride. Will we defend that which is written in it? I think so! (Full size image - click here)

It is time to change "Jerusalem World Pride 2006" to "Yerushalayim Jewish Pride 5766". Do not give up hope, do not lose resolve. We must stop this planned desecration of HaShem's Holy City of Yerushalayim and stop the planned desecration of just about everything that Judaism holds important.


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For more information and a form letter against the "parade", click here (Rabbi Brody's website). More from Rabbi Brody here and here.

Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak's solution is a massive rally of teshuva (repentance) and modesty. To see
a video of Rabbi Yitzchak's shiur on this matter (of modesty), click here to go to his website.


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