Sunday, June 18, 2006

Defend the Torah and Jerusalem, Help Stop "World Pride 2006"

Firstly, I would like to thank Rabbi Lazer Brody and all of the heroes across the globe who have made their voices heard, protesting the planned defilement of the Holy City of Yerushalayim this August. Rabbi Brody reported on his blog "Lazer Beams" today that an inside source at Mayor Lupolianski's Office said that the 20,000+ form-letters sent in by readers of his website helped convince the mayor to sign a petition against the planned "world pride 2006" (really planned world abomination 2006). Now we see how effective we can be against this planned "event". As people around the world, regardless of your particular religion, you can play a decisive part in leading to the cancellation of the planned "parade" which "hopes" to draw 20,000 attendees, chas v'shalom. Our goal is to have the parade cancelled.

This success should not be downplayed. However, now that "something" has been done by the Mayor of Jerusalem, we should not feel that we can just "sit back" and see what happens. Heaven Forbid, such an attitude could be defeatist. The "pride" (ga'avah) crowd are of course unhappy that Mayor Lupolianski, at the encouragement of over 100,000 individuals, signed a petition against the "World Pride 2006" in the Holy City of Yerushalayim. The fact that the Mayor signed the petition may not be enough to stop the planned defilement of Jerusalem. It does show us that we have the power to effect a change for the positive and stop the parade - A victory of holiness against defilement and another step on the way to the coming of the Mashiach. I think Mayor Lupolianski (pictured at right) will do more; of course, our added encouragement would definitely not hurt.


Some may argue that, though they are against the lifestyle of the participants of the "pride parade," we should just let them have their "day in the sun" and then they will leave Jerusalem. That conclusion is illogical, for it negates the disastrous physical and spiritual implications of the event (especially in the world's holiest city - Yerushalayim).

What disastrous consequences can occur simply by allowing the "pride crowd" to march through Jerusalem?

I wouldn't want to speculate. However, history does not paint a "pretty picture" of the punishment HaShem inflicted as a result of sexual perverseness.

As I noted in the previous post the following are catastrophic world events associated with behavior glorified by those who hope to parade through the Holy City of Yerushalayim.

Major worldwide flood in the time of Noach that wiped out virtually all life on Earth.

Destruction of the cities in the vicinity of Sodom - now the area is known as the Dead Sea.

3) The expulsion of the perverse Canaanite nations from the Land of Israel.

Yet the organizers are intent on pushing their perverse lifestyle in the Holy City of Yerushalayim, in the Land of Israel, "The Land which HaShem your G-d seeks out, constantly the Eyes of HaShem your G-d are in it, from the beginning of the year until year's end." (Devarim: 11, 12)

What precisely led to the flood?

Rabbi Huna said in the name of Rabbi (Yehuda HaNasi): "The generation of the flood was not wiped out from the world until they composed marriage documents for male-male and human-animal relations. Rabbi Samlai said, in every place you find sexual immorality,
Andralomasia (devastation) comes to world world and kills those who are good and bad. Rabbi Azariah and Rabbi Yehuda the son of Rabbi Simone in the name of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi, said, 'Upon everything the Holy One Blessed is He is long in showing His Anger, ["everything" that is] aside from sexual perverseness. What is the reason? [In the end of Parshas Bereishis, we read] "The sons of the leaders saw the daughters of man..." afterwards it is written "And HaShem said, 'I Shall wipe out the people that I Have Created from upon the face of the world..." (Bereishis: 6; 2, 7) [In reference to the imminent destruction of Sodom], Rabbi Yehoshua the son of Levi said in the name of Padiyah, 'That entire night, Lot sought mercy [from Heaven] for the people of Sodom and it was accepted from him. Once [the people of Sodom] said to [Lot] 'bring them out to us so that we may [intimately] know them for sexual relations, they (the angels) said to [Lot]: 'What more do you have here' to use in defense [of the people of Sodom]? From this point onward, you may not act in their defense." (Bereishis Rabbah: 26, 5)

The commentator MaHaRDa"Z tells us of an awfully familiar event that occurred prior to the destruction of almost all life on earth. Under the consent and support of the leaders and judges of their generation, marriage documents were written up for person-animal and male-male "marriages". The MaHaRDa"Z notes that the judges and leaders "rationalized" that since people are given free-will and are capable of making decisions for themselves, people should just give into their desires.

Based on this information, it is not a matter of "political correctness" but of truth, courage, and morality. We must maintain the holiness of Yerushalayim even if there would be no physical negative effects as a result of the parade. We must fight against this planned attack on G-dliness, the Torah, and all of those who uphold morality!

From now on we should employ the following approach to combat the planned parade:


1) E-mail and fax Mayor Lupolianski urging him to following up his signing a petition with concrete action against the implementation of the "World Pride 2006". For a form letter, click here.

2) As Rabbi Brody recommends, contact your local rabbi and encourage him to involve the congregation in events aimed at opposing the "pride parade" (Torah learning, davening, contacting relevant official and news agencies, etc.).

3) Contact your local news agencies - specifically ones that are more opposed to the "pride parade" (conservative news outlets) - and ask them to publicize the planned event and encourage more people to involve themselves in stopping this planned "parade". I would recommend contacting, specifically Aaron Klein (Jerusalem correspondent - Also, call up (and fax) the following radio shows:

a) Israel National Radio To call: US & Canada: 1-800-270-4288, Israel: 1-800-270-428, England: 00-800-3-700-7000, Elsewhere: +972-2-997-2425; To send an instant message: AOL: INR18, Yahoo: inr18, MSN:, ICQ: 191965205

Shaun Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Savage

and any other sympathetic outlet

4) Contact members of the Knesset - specifically those who may be open to our cause (i.e. members of religious and right of center parties) - via fax, e-mail, phone, etc., thereby driving more opposition to the planned "parade".



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