Monday, September 18, 2006

"Tolerant" "Supreme" Court and "World Pride" leaders push Parade on Jerusalem's Population

Though I detest mentioning "World Pride" due to their perverse lifestyle, I feel that I must do my part to defend the sanctity of our holy city of Yerushalayim. With HaShem's Help and our efforts, we will overcome the intolerant forces who are attempting to "spit" on the holiness of Jerusalem and its population.

Latest News:

Though a vast majority of Jerusalem's residents oppose a so called "Pride" parade through Jerusalem, the "Supreme" Court has, of course not surprisingly, sided with "World Pride" and ruled that the municipality of Jerusalem must allow and provide security for the march scheduled for November 10. While the proponents of perversion turn to the extremely secular "Supreme" Court of flesh-and-blood to parade their perverse lifestyle in Jerusalem, we should do what we can in respect of HaShem, The true Master and Judge, and oppose this parade. Remember what we say each day in Shemonah Esrei - "Hashivah Shofteinu K'Varishonah", we want our judges back who uphold the Torah and thereby the Jewish People will prosper all the more. Remember to have special kavana on that b'racha, as well as all other brachos.


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