Monday, August 28, 2006

UPDATE: "Gay Pride" Parade Rescheduled to September 21 - Two Days Before Rosh HaShanah

What sickens me does not surprise me. The side of spiritual darkness and impurity are extremely adamant about bringing great impurity to our Holy City of Jerusalem. What's more sickening (and, of course, not surprising) is that they intend to bring such great spiritual darkness to the holiest city in the world two short days before Rosh HaShanah - the days when we beseech HaShem to bring health happiness and goodness to the Jewish People. This, of course, is a test. We, of course, have the ability to overcome this darkness trying to be thrusted on HaShem's City of Holiness. We must not allow this. The police must understand that this cannot be permitted. Olmert's increasingly instable government must be made to understand that we will help push them off of the cliff of their "power" if they dare not intercede against such abominable and intolerant actions in our Holy City. With such great adversaries in the world who only want the bad for the Jewish People, we must do our utmost to show HaShem that we will fight "the wars of HaShem" and thereby merit that Hashem fight our wars! It is of course no coincidence that this parsha, Ki Tzetzei, discusses sexual purity of the Jewish People and protection during war.

The following is from Arutz Sheva:

Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem Rescheduled

By Yechiel Spira

The Open House organization has announced the International Gay Pride Parade will take place in Jerusalem on September 21st. The event was scheduled to take place in the capital in August, but was postponed due to the war in Lebanon.

Prior to the postponement, opposition to the parade was mounting, with prominent rabbis, the Vatican and Islamic religious leaders joining forces to prevent the event from taking place in Jerusalem.


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