Wednesday, July 19, 2006

HaShem's War, What We Can Do to Help Israel, and Miracles, Miracles, Miracles...

In a previous post I note that Hizbullah-run Lebanon has missiles that can travel 200 km (125 miles), far enough to land in Be'air Sheva, Heaven Forbid. The missile is the Iranian produced (and delivered) Zelzal missile. More recently, the Israeli authorities have acknowledged that Hezbollah has missiles that can hit Tel-Aviv.

Arab media took a picture of what they claimed was a downed Israeli jet. However, in their blind glee, they mistook the zelzal missile for an IAF plane. Later, the object was confirmed to be the zelzal missile. The Zelzal missile can carry 600 kg (over 1300 lbs) of high-explosives and possibly even a biological or chemical warhead. In contrast, the missile that hit Haifa, a Fajr missile carries a 45 kg warhead and caused significant damage. Well, with the help of our tefillos, the IAF neutralized that threat, blowing up the truck carrying those missiles.

Above: Truck with Zelzal missile in Iran. A truck and missile likely resembling the above were destroyed in the IAF (Israel Air Force) bombing. Keep up with the tefillos and the mitzvos!

More Miracles:

A multi-story building collapsed after being hit by a missile, a few people were injured, however no fatalities.

Recently Israel destroyed over 1,000 targets in Lebanon, including 180 Katyusha launching sites.

Israel dropped 23 tons of bombs on a bunker believed to be used by the bigwigs in Hizbullah, according to Israel's UN ambassador. The mission involved dozens of fighter planes and the bunker was completely destroyed. Watch out Hizbullah!

Approximately 1,300 - 1,400 missiles have fallen on Israel. There have been approximately 18 Israelis murdered and hundreds injured. Though any number is unacceptable, the "relatively low" number is miraculous.

As we say in the daily prayer service: We thank HaShem "for Your miracles that are with us each day". Thank You HaShem!

Causes of Violence? Upcoming (still not canceled) "World Pride" event of promiscuity.

In the midst of these events (which could lead to a major war with Iran - time will tell), it is easy to lose focus from what is almost certainly at least part of the cause for the current troubling times facing the Jewish People in Israel. In a number of recent posts I have noted how dangerous immorality, immodesty, and promiscuity have been for the Jewish People.

A recent excellent article in WorldNetDaily notes the masses of rabbis against the "WorldPride" event, quoting Rabbi Winston and Rabbi Brody who point out the relationship between the current situation in Israel and the scheduled "parade" in Jerusalem (or Tel Aviv). Apparently, no politician has canceled the event. Powerful letters must be e-mailed to Lupolianski - declared by Prime Minister Olmert to have the authority over the decision - and tell him that now more than ever, as Israel fights for her survival, the Jewish People need HaShem's Presence and Protection. The Chofetz Chaim notes that immodesty drives the Divine Presence out of the Jewish camp. (Deuteronomy: 23: 14 - 15) The context of the verses relate to the Jewish war-camp. Clearly, the army can use our help in our war against the immoral "WorldPride" event, thus helping bring in more of the Divine Presence into the Jewish camp.

As we are well aware from the myriad of daily miracles, HaShem does fight our wars (Bamidbar: 31; 3) - HaShem instructs Moshe to take "vengeance" against Midian for attacking Israel with her immorality (prostitutes) and idolatry. RaSh"I notes that it is called "the vengeance of HaShem," for those" who stand against Israel, it is as if they stand against The Holy One, Blessed is He."

Remember this: "For HaShem your G-d walks in the midst of your camp to save you and to place your enemies before you and your camp shall be holy and there shall not be seen a thing of nakedness in your midst [lest] He turn from behind you." (Deuteronomy: 23; 15)

The Targum on the verse explains the end to read, "there shall not be a matter of sin in your midst and He shall return His Presence from doing good to you."

Targum Yonasan ben Uziel notes: That we should keep the Jewish Camp holy in order that HaShem will not stop rescuing us from our enemies. Therefore, he says, we should not see anything shameful and disgraceful in our midst.

The Torah is the way of life - "And you shall choose life" - HaShem bestows people with free will and highly recommends that they "choose life" and do not choose "death" and "evil". (Devarim: 30; 19)

It is our duty to follow the Torah and do what we can to improve ourselves and others. I think the Torah outlook is clear, avoid sin and immodesty, especially those orchestrated specifically to be in your midst! We must continue the fight!


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