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The Power of Reciting Parshas Tamid

Many people say Parshas HaTamid every day in the morning prior to Shacharis (morning prayer) and prior to Mincha (afternoon prayer). In two previous posts the connection between the hostage situation at Entebbe and the current hostage situation of Gilad Shalit (ben Aviva) are noted. The first post notes the relationships between the events and the time of year, as well as the gemara learned on the ninth of Tammuz the year of the Entebbe hostage situation and this year. The last post notes (among other things) the relationship between the 9th of Tammuz and the two respective gemaras learned on each of those days.

There is no such thing as coincidence. As such, I think that HaShem is Sending us a message about the importance of reciting Parshas HaTamid (Bamidbar: 28; 1 - 8) and redemption from troubles of our day, specifically the safe return of Gilad ben Aviva and the Jewish troops fighting to rescue him.

The Power of Reciting Parshas HaTamid: "Avraham said before the Holy One Blessed is He, 'Perhaps the Jewish People will sin before You, and You Will do to them like the people of the generation of the Deluge (flood during the time of Noach). [Whereupon HaShem] said to him, 'No'. [Avraham asked], 'How will I know that I will inherit?' [HaShem] Said to him, 'Take for Me three calves...' (Bereishis: 15; 9 - 10) [Avraham] said before Him, 'Master of the Universe, this is fine for the time that the Beis HaMikdash (Temple) is in existence, at the time when the Beis HaMikdash is not in existence, what will happen to them?' [HaShem] Said to him, 'I have already established for them the order of the korbanos (sacrifices), for every time that they read them, I consider it as if they have brought a sacrifice before Me, and I Forgive them for all of their sins.'"

Torah learning is similarly powerful and recommended, for, as the Ba'al HaTurim notes, the last letters of the words "משה לאמר צו את" spell out "תורה" - "Torah": This teaches us that one who is involved in Torah (learning) is considered as if he had brought a sacrifice.

The following is the RaMCh"L's discussion of reciting the korbanos (sacrifices) before prayers: "The readings associated with the sacrifices (Korbanos) are intended to purify the world as a whole, and remove all obstacles and barriers that would hold back the hightest sustenance." (Derech HaShem, 4, 6, 10)

"The reading of the Korbanos pertain to the physical world." (Derech HaShem, 4, 6, 14) - (translations taken from Feldheim)

The text of Korban HaTamid:

(פסוק א) וידבר י-ה-ו-ה, אל משה לאמר.
(פסוק ב) צו את בני ישראל, ואמרת אלהם: את קרבני לחמי לאשי, ריח ניחחי, תשמרו, להקריב לי במועדו.
(פסוק ג) ואמרת להם, זה האשה אשר תקריבו לי-ה-ו-ה: כבשים בני שנה תמימם, שנים ליום:עלה תמיד.
(פסוק ד) את הכבש אחד, תעשה בבקר; ואת הכבש השני, תעשה בין הערבים.
(פסוק ה) ועשירית האיפה סלת, למנחה, בלולה בשמן כתית, רביעת ההין.
(פסוק ו) עלת, תמיד, העשיה בהר סיני, לריח ניחח אשה לי-ה-ו-ה.
(פסוק ז) ונסכו רביעת ההין, לכבש האחד; בקדש הסך נסך שכר, לי-ה-ו-ה.
(פסוק ח) ואת הכבש השני, תעשה בין הערבים: כמנחת הבקר וכנסכו תעשה, אשה ריח ניחח לי-ה-ו-ה. [פ

I urge everyone to try and recite the above every day. In this merit, may Gilad Shalit (ben Aviva) be released alive to safety and may HaShem Protect us from all troubles. Amen!


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