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Parshas Balak - The Way to Fight a War - Torah in the Merit of Gilad (Shalit) ben Aviva


We, of course, are unbeatable with HaShem on our side. How do we get HaShem to Fight for us and make us always successful against our enemies? By following the Torah and praying to HaShem.

The source of this message? This week's parsha - Balak, from the mouth of the evil Bilaam.

The parsha relates how Bilaam tried his utmost to curse the Jewish People, but, as G-d Deemed it, blessed them instead - 4 blessings.

There are similarities between all four of the blessings: The Jewish People serve HaShem and perform His mitzvos (commandments) and are successful against their enemies. Today there are great mitzvos being performed by many thousands of Jews worldwide.

In the merit of the strong Jewish opposition to the "gay pride" parade planned for Jerusalem, may HaShem Grant Gilad a safe return to his people, as HaShem Saved the captive in ancient times. Today there was news that Rav Ovadia Yosef, Shlit"a, and Rav Elyashiv, shlit"a, came out publicly in opposition to the "gay pride" parade. May the merit of these Torah giants assist Gilad Shalit in his time of need and result in his safe and healthy return to his family very soon. As I noted in three recent posts, it is important for us to oppose such scheduled perversion from taking place in Jerusalem, or any place in Israel.


"For from the top of hills I see them..." (Bamidbar: 23; 9):

RaSh"I: I see their beginnings which are solid and strong in the merit of their forefathers and foremothers.

"Who counted the dust of Ya'akov?..." (Bamidbar: 23; 10)

RaSh"I: "The dust of Ya'akov": These refer to the mitzvos they perform which, like dust, are beyond calculation, for there are mitzvos they perform even with the dust: "Do not plow with an ox and a donkey together...", "Do not plant
kilayim (plant mixtures)", "ashes of the red heifer", "dust of the sotah", etc.

"He does not stare (focus) on the sins of Jacob..." (Bamidbar: 23; 21)

RaSh"I: When the Jewish People sin, HaShem does not focus so much on those sins, He Still Resides in their midst.

"Behold, they are a nation as a young lion arises and like a lion he lifts up, he does not lie down until he eats the kill and the blood of corpses he drinks." (Bamidbar: 23; 24)

RaSh"I: In the morning when the Jews get up, they strengthen themselves like a young lion to snatch the mitzvos, to put on tzitzis, read the Shema, put on tefillin.

"He does not lie..." RaSh"I: At night he says the Shema and HaShem Fights off his enemies.

The third blessing of Bilaam also discusses how HaShem Blesses the Jews that they are unbeatable.

The fourth blessing discusses the arrival of Mashiach and the ultimate destruction of Amalek at the hands of the Jewish People (Bamidbar: 24; 20): "And he saw Amalek and he began his parable-prophecy and he said 'First of nations is Amalek, and his end is eternal destruction.'"

RaSh"I explains that Amalek was the first nation that attacked the Israelites and they will be utterly destroyed by the Jewish People i
n the End of Days. Targum Yonasan ben Uziel and Targum Yerushalmi explain that in the End of Days Amalek will inspire the nations of the East to wage war along with him against the Jewish People - their end is that they will all be destroyed. So may it be soon!


Anonymous Yehoshua Friedman said...

Wonder why, among the mitzvot relating to dust, kisui ha-dam (covering the blood of the slaughtered bird or animal) was not mentioned. I suggest that Rashi, or Chazal, wanted this to be missing because Bil'am wanted to destroy Israel. In this sense covering the blood would mean hiding the crime and escaping punishment. Therefore kisui ha-dam is missing here.

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