Thursday, July 27, 2006

Letter Campaign to Jerusalem Mayor Lupolianski: Stop Entire "WorldPride" Event

As you are probably aware, the international "WorldPride" event, scheduled to bring thousands of homosexuals to Jerusalem is set to begin August 6 - just over a week from now. The event itself is scheduled to last a week. Though the parade itself has been canceled, the week-long event is planned to go forward at full swing. Their event includes a day at the Knesset, where the homosexuals intend to brainwash kids to follow in their abominable sexual lifestyle, a beach party of perversion in Tel Aviv, thousands of homosexuals walking all over Israel, especially in Jerusalem, a day trying to "rationalize" how homosexuality and Judaism fit (even though the Torah notes that acts of homosexuality are an abomination that are liable to the death penalty, pending proper courts, warnings, and witnesses).

Remember, we are in the "nine days", a time of mourning for the Jewish People. Now we are in a war with Hezbollah that may turn into a major war with Iran and Syria. The Torah says explicitly that sexual immodesty and immorality lead to a reduction of Divine Protection. (Devarim: 23; 15) For the sake of HaShem, His Torah, and the Jewish People in harm's way, we must act quickly to have this disgusting intolerant event of sexual immorality be canceled. A cancellation of the parade is only one battle won. The army can't run from the war until complete victory is achieved. We must do what we can in this spiritual war to achieve complete victory. In our case, we must show HaShem that we fear Him more than we "fear" the proponents of promiscuity. By sending a letter to Mayor Lupolianski and other leaders, both political and spiritual, you are fighting for an increased level of Divine Protection for the Jewish People in our time of need. The gemara (Sanhedrin, 97b) notes that Mashiach will come once the Jewish People do teshuvah (return to HaShem by following and upholding the Torah). If the Jewish People do not do teshuvah on our own, HaShem will send a leader with decrees as evil as those of Haman (may his name be blotted out). Today we are faced with that Haman - Achmanidejad of Iran. Iran is on the verge of fitting their missiles with nuclear warheads, Heaven Forbid. It is up to us to do teshuvah (and encourage others to follow suit) while the "small" missiles pummel the north of Israel, before the threat of nuclear missiles (Heaven Forbid). Start by doing your part, simply spend even just a few short minutes of your time and send the form-letter below (or your own letter) to Jerusalem Mayor Lupolianski. Mayor Uri Luplianski: e-mail:, fax: +972-2-6296014, +972-2-6296004. With the Help of HaShem, we will successfully get the entire "WorldPride" parade to stop. Remember, "Whoever is on the side of HaShem, come to me"!

Dear Mayor Lupolianski,

Right now we are a little over a week in advance of the weeklong "WorldPride" event planned for Jerusalem. As mayor, it is your obligation to do all you can to prevent the event. It is not enough to comfort yourself that the actual parade in Jerusalem has been canceled; the entire event must be canceled!

I realize that it might seem "much easier" for you to let the weeklong event take place in Jerusalem. Or, you might reason, it is up to other people with power and influence, both politically and religiously, to try their best to stop the parade. Of course there are other people who can do more to stop the parade. Regardless, it is your obligation to do your utmost to put a stop to the event. This event, as you are aware, involves homosexuals walking into the Knesset and meeting with elected leaders while introducing kids to a lifestyle of perversion. At the same time, soldiers in the north have been dying, missiles have been flying, and Iran is on the verge of possession of a nuclear bomb is threatening to annihilate every Jew in Israel, Heaven Forbid. Mr. Mayor, your city is within firing range of Hezbollah's most advanced missile, the Iranian Zelzal missile. The missile can fly a range of 200 km, capable of hitting Yerushalayim, Heaven Forbid. It is our obligation to stand up for the Torah, thereby bringing in extra Protection from HaShem against all of our enemies.

Mr. Mayor, if you succeed in stopping the "WorldPride" event, you can be assured that your reward in Heaven will be great and you can be confident that Jews all over Israel have added Protection from HaShem against our enemies. However, if Heaven Forbid, you decide not to try to do all that is within your power to stop the terrible event, you may be held responsible in Heaven for the terrible abomination in Yerushalayim - a truly frightening prospect. Mr. Mayor, please, especially during this period of the "nine days", fight the Wars of G-d. May you merit to successfully stop this event and reap great rewards, both in this world and in the next.

Mr. Mayor, we are in a war in which we could find ourselves confronted with a nuclear missile threat from Iran. No less an existential threat, is the planned desecration of our Holy Land and City. It is your turn to step up to the plate and do everything in your power to prevent the latter, and by so doing, perhaps even prevent the former.

Your Name


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