Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is it Tolerant to Have "WorldPride" in Jerusalem, especially before Rosh HaShanah?

This is an update on the planned "WorldPride" parade through Jerusalem. The police have refused to grant a permit for the parade so the self-proclaimed lovers of "tolerance" - the planners of the parade of intolerance are petitioning the "High-Court" in Israel to allow the parade right before Rosh HaShanah. We should not let our guard down before these perverted individuals who petition the "High Court" of flesh-and-blood to "allow" them to display their immorality publicly in Jerusalem. This month is Elul - the time when "The King - HaShem - is in the field", a time when we have a greater opportunity to petition HaShem. We should do what we can and petition HaShem to truly have the parade canceled. We should also improve ourselves in the way of the Torah. Finally, we should petition people in positions of leadership in Israel to put in the effort to block such a parade. Surely, not having the parade would be great, all the more so before Rosh HaShanah.


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