Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Chiddushim


2) The tribe of Zevulun had a population of 57,400 (Bamidbar - ch. 3). They were the tribe that was involved in regional trade in order to support the Torah learning of Yissachar. The two tribes made a deal that Zevulun would spend their time in trade and Yissachar would benefit from the monetary support, free to learn. Zevulun had a share in the Torah learning of Yissachar and received the spiritual rewards for the Torah learning due to their monetary support. 57 = זן - sustain (zon) and 400 = ת, therefore, the 57,400 of the tribe of Zevulun signifies זנת, "you sustained" (related to "food"). In Pirkei Avos the rabbis teach us, "im ain kemach, ain Torah..." - "If there is no flour, there is no Torah, if there is no Torah, there is no flour." This teaching fits perfectly with the mutually beneficial relationship of the tribes of Yissachar - Torah - and Zevulun - sustenance (flour).

3) זבולן - Zevulun - This word can be divided in two - זבול and ן - The tribe of Zevulun can take the credit for bringing down 50 levels of understanding and holiness into the world as a result of their support of Torah (50 = the letter nun) from the Heavenly Abode (Zevul means the "Heavenly Abode").


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