Sunday, April 02, 2006

Solar Eclipse - "Natural Disasters" | Relationship?

As I noted in a previous post and based on the gemara (Sukah 29a), a solar eclipse, depending on its appearance (color) and where in the sky it is visible, indicates the general type of negative event that would occur as well as the time it will take to happen upon the earth (i.e. whether it will happen very soon or will "delay" in coming).

The "solar eclipse" occurs always at the time of a "molad". A "molad" literally means "birth", referring to the time when the "new moon" is "reborn", approximately at the beginning of the new Jewish month. Furthermore, this past solar eclipse, the biggest (as viewed from Eretz Yisrael) for the past 70 years (approximately) covered over 80% of the sun at its height.

The two solar eclipses that preceded the devastating 1999 and 2005 earthquakes in Turkey and Pakistan, have the following in common. Both major earthquakes occurred on the fifth of the Jewish month following the eclipse. The fifth of Nissan is tomorrow (April 3, 2006). Let's see if something big happens, maybe in the Mediterranean.


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