Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New!! Chiddushim - Torah Insights

This week's parsha (Torah portion) is Bamidbar. I hope to present, im yirtzeh HaShem (G-d Willing), chiddushim (Torah insights) on the parsha or other parts of the Torah on a fairly regular basis.

We learn in the Book of Iyov (Job) (11:9) that the Torah contains more wisdom than the width of the land and by learning Torah, one may merit to attain a chiddush - an insight into the Torah which is "new" as it had not been brought forth (in this world) until the individual attained that chiddush.

Disclaimer: Though these are my Torah thoughts, it is possible that the same chiddush had been arrived at by someone prior.


1) In Bamidbar (2; 6), we learn that the population of the shevet (tribe) of יששכר - Yissachar was 54,400 (during their 2nd year in the Sinai desert). יששכר learned Torah and was supported by the tribe of זבולן - Zevulun. (Zevulun conducted business in the region, traveling by ship.) Yissachar was so prominent in Torah, that, according to RaSH"I, (Bamidbar: 3; 38), they produced 200 heads of Sanhedrins (Jewish courts). The gematria of 54,400 - 54 = דן - judge (don), while 400 = ת, thus arriving at דנת - "you judged" (donta).


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