Wednesday, March 08, 2006

War Between Persia and Edom - Already Prophesized!

In the previous blog I made mention of Iran's impending destruction, largely as a result of their desire to use their nuclear weapons against the Jewish People. What I wrote is not solely related to observations of the extent of Iran's anti-Semitism; rather, it is based on a prophecy from Sefer Yirmiyahu (Book of Jeremiah), its explanation by the meforshim (Rabbinic commentators), and a discussion of this prophecy in the gemara (Talmud) tractate Yoma 10a.

The prophecy from Sefer Yirmiyahu (50: 7, 19 - 22) reads as follows:

"7 - To Edom, so says HaShem, Master of Legions, is there no more wisdom in Teman? Council has been lost from sons, their wisdom has rotted away:... 19 - Behold, like a lion they will ascend from the heights of the Jordan to a dwelling place of strength... 20 - Therefore, hear the advice of HaShem, which he advised against Edom, and His Thoughts, which he thought regarding the inhabitants of Teman. Would the youngest of the sheep not drag them, would they not make desolate their dwelling places? 21 - From the voice of their falling, the earth shakes; an outcry, in the Sea of Reeds their voice is heard: 22 - Behold, like an eagle he will go up and hover, and he will spread his wings upon Botzrah; and the heart of the strong ones of Edom on that day will be like the heart of a woman in travail."

(פסוק ז) לאדום, כה אמר י-ה-ו-ה צבא-ות, האין עוד חכמה, בתימן; אבדה עצה מבנים, נסרחה חכמתם.
(פסוק יט) הנה כאריה יעלה מגאון הירדן, אל נוה איתן:כי ארגיעה אריצנו מעליה, ומי בחור אליה אפקד: כי מי כמוני, ומי יעידני, ומי זה רעה, אשר יעמד לפני. [ס]
(פסוק כ) לכן שמעו עצת י-ה-ו-ה, אשר יעץ אל אדום, ומחשבותיו, אשר חשב אל ישבי תימן: אם לוא יסחבום צעירי הצאן, אם לא ישים עליהם נוהם.
(פסוק כא) מקול נפלם, רעשה הארץ: צעקה, בים סוף נשמע קולה.
(פסוק כב) הנה כנשר יעלה וידאה, ויפרש כנפיו על בצרה; והיה לב גבורי אדום ביום ההוא, כלב אשה מצרה. [פ]


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