Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More on Moshe Rabbeinu's Yartzheit and the Downfall of our enemies

Moshe Rabbeinu was born and has his yartzeit on the 7th of Adar. Haman thought that having Adar as the month to try to wipe out Jews would bode well for him because Moshe passed away on this month. He didn't understand, that, in reality, this month is the month when there is a "turnaround" - "v'nahfoch hu" and our enemies, who are so confident that they can harm us, are themselves destroyed. On Pesach we read in the haggada, "b'chol dor va'dor omdim aleinu l'chaloseinu, v'HaKadosh Baruch Hu matzileinu mi'yadam" - "in every generation [our enemies] stand up against us to wipe us out, and The Holy One, Blessed is He, Saves us from their hands". Well, soon we will see the downfall of Iran. Iran, you're the modern Haman. You won't learn the following lesson, you'll just have to experience it: Haman was determined to wipe out the Jews. However, he and all his cohorts were killed. So too, you build nuclear weapons with the ambition to attack Israel because it is a Jewish State. Watch out, it's Adar, you're messing with HaShem's (G-d's firstborn), so you, Iran, are messing with G-d. You, Iran, are following Haman's path to destruction. Just like Amalek and all the others who wished to attack the Jews disappeared, so too shall you!

פורים שמח


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Yiya'asher kochacha! I always enjoy reading your divrai Torah. Keep it up!

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