Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Mitzvah to Wipe Out Amalek

This Parsha, is one of the four special Parshiot that we read during the year. It is known as "Parshas Zachor", where HaShem (G-d) commands the Jewish People to remember the terrible things that Amalek did to us and our obligation to wipe them out. May we be Zocheh to see (at least) a great portion of Amalek be washed away before this Shabbos.

The picture at the left is of islands in the Mediterranean Sea by Greece. These islands lie on what is probably the most active earthquake zone in the world. Just check out the frequency of earthquakes by clicking on this link. Check out the animation. I plan to write more about this later!


Blogger A. Y. said...

So, YRE, are you saying that, for now, we should just rely on God to do OUR mitzvos?

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