Sunday, July 22, 2007

Major Middle-East War this Summer

There is word about an impending war to take place in the Middle-East involving Israel - this war, as word has it, will take place this summer. The "rumor" that war will take place this summer, comes from great rabbis in Israel, Kabbalists, intelligence sources, and, l'havdil, leaders in the arab world. Leaders in the "Arab world" have regularly made statements prior to the previous major wars that they fought with Israel, promising a great victory on their behalf, only experiencing miraculous defeats to Israel, at the Hands of HaShem. This follows, that which we learn by the miraculous defeat of the Egyptian army thousands of years ago, at the Hand of HaShem - "HaShem will fight for you, and you shall be silent." (Shmos: 14; 14) Shortly after the miraculous destruction of the Egyptian army at the Hand of HaShem, the B'nei Yisrael sang the following to HaShem, recognizing the great miracles that He had performed on their behalf. One of the things which they said was, "Your right [Hand], HaShem, is girded in power, your right [Hand], HaShem, smashes the enemy." (Shmos: 15; 6) RaSh"I, on this pasuk, comments that HaShem's "right Hand" did something which is impossible for a person to do - two different actions performed simultaneously - HaShem saved The People of Israel from her Egyptian pursuers, while, simultaneously, smashing the Egyptian army.


Arutz-Sheva recently reports that some Kabbalists and other leading rabbis are predicting that a major Middle-East war will break out in the near future. The report quotes Rav Chaim Kanievsky, Shlit"a, as saying that "HaShem will soon perform great miracles for the Jewish People." Other rabbis, according to the report, have either noted that Israel is currently in a position to quickly destroy her enemies and even experience miracles on the level of the miracles that occurred at the Exodus from Egypt.

Im yirtzeh HaShem (G-d Willing), The B'nei Yisrael will achieve a major victory over our enemeis, replete with miraculous miracles, in the near future. We should all do our part in achieving this victory by learning Torah, praying to HaShem with more kavana, improving our character traits and our relationship with other people, as well continually growing in our observance of the mitzvos.


According to a recent report in DEBKAfile, the leader of Iran met with the leader of Syria recently. Ahmadinejad - yimach sh'mo v'zichro v'nimach z'chur m'lihazkiro - told Assad, that he should stop expressing any willingness to discuss peace with Israel, as that is hampering his plans for a war this summer. He also explicitly declared his desire for a war with Israel, this summer. According to a recent report from Arutz-Sheva, Iran has agreed to finance Syria with a great deal of armaments, valued at 1 billion dollars, including 400 takes, fighter planes, and helicopters. Furthermore, Iran has attained approval from Syria to station part of their air-force in Syria - within close striking range of Israel.


In addition to working on ourselves, by improving ourselves through the learning of Torah, improvement in middos (attributes), and our performance of our performance of the mitzvos, we should recognize that the victory comes from HaShem and should act in accordance. The power of The B'nei Yisrael is in our mouths - "the voice is the voice of Ya'akov" - this teaches us that the Jewish People possess a special power in our mouths. We should increase in our learning of the Torah and in our concentration during prayer, as well as avoiding speaking negatively against others, and we will, G-d Willing, see victory in the near future. Amein!


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