Monday, April 06, 2009

"Bircas HaChammah" Free pdf. from ARTSCROLL and Important Note

(See top and bottom for Important Notes)

The Blessing of "Bircas HaChammah" is Recited this Wednesday morning, April 8, 2009 - י"ד ניסן, התשס"ט (see pdf. for more precise information on times - i.e., if necessary, up until chatzos - halachic midday (according to Jewish law)). This blessing is recited thanking HaShem. L'havdil, any service - which I've heard some may be performing, involving a "salute to the sun" - i.e. in Yoga, or any other prayer or action directed at the sun is completely contrary to Judaism and The Torah. The blessing is to HaShem (G-d) with respect to His Creation of the Sun. Praying to the Sun, whether through word/s or action/s is idolatrous, a great sin, and absolutely an abomination and repugnant to Judaism. (Worshipping the Sun in any way is competely contrary to Judaim, as we can see in the pasuk (verse) from sefer "Yechezkel" (Book of Ezekiel) (8; 16).

Artscroll has just put out a free pdf. booklet for "Bircas HaChammah" - "ברכת החמה" ("Bircas HaChamah), which can be found by clicking on this link. The booklet includes the zmanim (times) to recite "Bircas HaChammah" - a short section for the Tefillos (with English), and some important laws.

Happy Pesach and meaningful "Bircas HaChammah", this one being the last - and 12th - one on erev Pesach before the year 6,000. This is very meaningful for us for the good.

Though the accepted opinion is to recite "Bircas HaChammah" on Wednesday (see the linked pdf. for the zmanim - times - for your city (or close to it)), there is an opinion of the "Aderes" - Rabbi Rabinowitz (quoted in the Artscroll "Bircas HaChammah"), that the blessing should be recited on Tuesday - closest to the time of the Tekufah (i.e. the time when the Sun is at the initial place in which it occupied when it was put in the Heavens). This is at approximately 6:39 PM Jerusalem, Israel time. Again, the blessing should be recited on Wednesday morning. See this link for the pdf. that includes times for the blessing, halachos (some important Jewish laws related to this blessing), and a section for some special tefillos (prayers) related to the blessing.

Enjoy and Happy and Kosher Pesach - פסח - and enjoyable and meaningful "Bircas HaChammah".

Remember, one should briefly look at the Sun and then recite the blessing to HaShem (G-d), it being, among other things, a recongition that HaShem was The One involved in Creation.


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